I wore a sticker today
I wore it over my soul
It made you think I was happy
It made you think I was whole

I peeled it off of a part of me
A part you couldn't see
Something hidden away and content
Far from you and your misery

It wasn't a mask
It wasn't a fake smile
It was just a part of me
That you may truly never see
Because of all that you do to me
Of all that I have brought upon myself

So each time I see you I have to find these stickers
They are in sheets upon my mind
Happiness from happy thoughts
Of places where I could unwind
And not worry about angering you
Or worrying about what not to do

But lately I have been running out of sheets
All the happiness I had seems to be running out
And the old stickers have faded away
So I begin to see how much better it could be
If I didn't have to stay

You are like sandpaper on my heart
Always abrasive always rubbing
So right now I am waiting for the bleeding to start

So before I run out of happiness stickers
There is something I must say
I wish instead of the stickers,
That you would fade away.