The world is an amazing place. Everyday is a day of birth and a day of death. Everything is a work of art; beautiful and repulsive all at once. Anyone can destroy anything and some people can even recreate some things. Yet, there is one thing that no one can recreate. A human being, once dead, can never return to the world of the living. If that ever happened, then the fate of the world would change.

And it might not change for the better, either.

Think of it as a ripple effect. Imagine a small pond. If something is thrown into the center of that pond, it would create ripples, which would go all of the way to the edges of the pond and slowly dissipate. But if, in the middle of the ripple effect, something else was thrown into the pond, no matter how big or small, it would disrupt the other ripples, therefore, destroying the fate of that ripple.

But what if the other object was thrown in on purpose? What if, by some strange twist of fate, someone was brought back to life on purpose? What if that person could somehow better the human race by living twice? What if that person was your mom or dad? What if that person was your sister or brother? What if that person was your favorite person to torment in school? What if that person was you?

I know what would happen and why. I know why the guardian of the dead would give up a life. Why do I know? Because I was the one who came back. I was the one who was given a second chance to make a difference in life. I am Lyssandra Damitra, Protector of the Weak, Defender of the Helpless, Liberator of Mankind.