A Meeting in the Woods

"Ted, honey!" Doris called, her voice high and somewhat chirpy, "Remember! The full moon is in
a few days! Get ready!"

Ted Chapman looked up from his newspaper, smiling. "Thanks honey! I will! Love you!". Ted
meant it, too. Doris was the most precious thing in the world to him. She was also a stunning contrast to hi,.
She was tall, beautiful and blonde, almost exactly as she had been the day they'd met in college. He on the
other hand, was balding, wore thick glasses and tended to walk slouched, appearing a great deal shorter
than he really was. Ted was an accountant at the local branch of G & S Cube. He was moderately
successful, and their combined income was greater than $59,000. They had a small, two story home in the
suburbs, with a white picket fence. Ted used to joke that if they had two kids they could change their names
to Ward and June Cleaver.

But, like most people, Ted had a secret. It wasn't your average secret. He'd never done drugs or
had an affair. He'd never embezzled from his company, stolen office supplies, cheated a client or lied on
his tax returns. Nor was he gay, or a pedophile, or anything like that. No, Ted's secret was much bigger
than any of those, and known only to he and his wife.

Ted Chapman was a werewolf. Every night that there was a full moon, he transformed into a
seven foot tall, slavering, brown, furry monster. Most lycanthropes in pop culture bewailed their 'curse',
constantly feeling guilty for what they did beneath the light of the full moon. But Ted reveled in it. For one
night a month, he wasn't just a bean counter, who could be replaced by a $30 accounting program, or even
a fairly good calculator. For that one night, Ted roamed the woods near town, chasing animals, scaring
hikers, and running with a wolf pack. Best of all Ted was (more or less) in control during these moonlit
romps, so he never hurt anyone. Well, not physically anyway.

Ted smiled as he thought back to the night when he'd revealed his secret to Doris. It was shortly
after they'd become engaged, and he'd decided he had to tell her. It wasn't fair to keep her in the dark, to
spend the next forty or fifty years (he hoped) lying to the woman he loved, as his father had. At first she'd
thought he was joking then that he was deranged, but then the full moon had risen and...well, the rest went
surprisingly well, once she realized he was always in control.

Ted looked at his watch. "8:36?! Christ! I'm going to be late for work" he exclaimed to no one in
particular (Doris having already left for her job at the day care). He jumped into his light blue Taurus (what
he liked to think of as the Wolfmobile) and sped off to the office.

The next few days passed, as they always do. Sign this, check that, input this data, phone that
client. The nights, however were spent making preparations for the full moon. Ted had to check the town's
community calendar (He didn't want a repeat of the time he'd accidentally chased a deer right into the
middle of a poetry reading), plot a course for his run, pack some clothes so he wouldn't have to come home
naked, and perform a whole list of tasks which were, to him, quite routine. It was at times like these that
Ted blessed the gypsy woman who'd 'cursed' his ancestors with the blood of the Wolf. He still
remembered that story, of how his great-great grandfather had killed a young gypsy boy, and had been
cursed to be an animal one night a month. Far from hating it, Ted and his forefathers had reveled in their
other form. It gave them power without responsibility, it opened a whole new dimension for the senses. In
short, it gave them freedom.
Of course, there were tradeoffs, Ted reflected as he picked out a shirt that suggested a person on a
early morning stroll, rather than a man who'd spent the night chasing, killing and devouring wild animals.
For one thing, there was the fact that his fore fathers had risked their lives each month, what with all the
superstitious peasants in the Old Country.
He grinned as he thought of the fun he'd soon be having.