Truth or Dare

By Kaji no Tenshi

Chapter One

Truth or Dare was supposedly a simple child game. It was a good game to play when you wanted to find out about whom your friend had a crush on. It was a fun game to dare people to walk into the boy's washroom or vice versa. When it became a teenager's game though, it reaches a whole new level.

She looked around at the people in the circle. It was the usual gang tonight playing the game. She knew she shouldn't be allowing the game happening since she was in charge of the dorm, but she couldn't help it. People put pressure on her for not allowing them to play, and…she did find the game amusing. Tonight, there were the eight people who lived in the dorm playing, including four females counting her and four males. They all sat in a circle in their common room and were eyeing each other as they waited someone to speak. Glancing at all them, she decided she will start the game tonight. "Danielle." The name rolled off her tongue easily. It was fun to start the game with someone who was bound to choose truth which will lead to more exciting things.

The named girl looked around nervously at the people staring at her. She has never gotten used to the game no matter how many times they have played it. It was scary knowing that all these people would know her secrets, if they picked the right questions to ask, and could easily do something or perhaps anything about it. Then again, there was a hex on anyone who told each other's secrets, so supposedly, she was safe. As expected, Danielle said, "Truth."

When playing Truth or Dare, it was so hard to choose good questions to ask people, especially when they play it at least once a week. They even tried playing every single night at the beginning of the year, but then they just got too busy with school work and other things. Usually, they would use the Truth part of the game to confirm rumours they have heard, or things they wanted to know about the person. There was this interesting rumour going on about Danielle this week… "If you were to pick one of the three mentioned professors, who would you make out with?" The female watched in amusement as the Danielle paled slightly. The rumour was right after all. The other people were curious to know her choice. "Professor Kev, our beloved wind mage, Professor Syd, our fire mage, or Professor Alannis, our master of swords?" She couldn't resist including a female professor in the choices even though she knew very well that Danielle was anything but a lesbian. Danielle's face grew red from the attention of the staring pairs of eyes. "You do remember our little hex right? No telling lies or telling each other's secrets to people outside of the circle. Just spit the truth out, Danielle."

Looking down at the floor beneath her, Danielle tried to hide her embarrassment. "Um…Prof...Professor Kev…" she mumbled.

"What? I couldn't hear you."

She raised her voice by a bit. "Professor Kev…'

"I still can't hear you quite well."

Danielle's face grew even redder, if possible. Wind started to pick up around her and blew into the direction of the female who pursued with endless comments. "Professor Kev!" The teen yelled. "So shut up, Kelandry…" Her voice died down as she spoke.

Kelandry shrugged her shoulders and smirked. "I got my answer. No wonder our Danielle's wind magic has been so well lately. She got personal training from our wind mage himself." Danielle glared at the grinning female. "Was making out with Kev good?"

"Kelandry!" The room soon blew with such strong winds, it felt like a tornado was coming.

The male beside Kelandry nudged her. "I think you should stop now Kel. The dorm is going to be a mess if you keep going at it."

"Fine," pouted Kel. "Simple magic could clean the dorm up anyways," she muttered under her breath. She received another nudge, this time harder to make sure she felt pain. "Ow!"

The wind in the room died down as Danielle calmed down and her blush slowly disappeared from her face. She looked around at the circle, picking the next person. "Silver."

One of the males looked up and answered, "Hm?" He saw the many eyes looking expectantly at him. "Oh, right." He said as the answer dawned on him. "The game. Um…truth." He was not in the mood for a dare. Yet.

Tilting her head ass she thought, Danielle stared hard at Silver. There were no rules about asking the same truths in the game, but she did want to come up with something a tad bit more original for him. She took her time and the others waited patiently for her. It was common for them to think for a while before saying their question because they have been playing for a long time and after a while, it's hard to think of good questions. "What's your frequency of fucking your girlfriend? Let's say per week." Not original, but according to her memory, a question no one had asked before.

Silver paused and hesitated to answer the question. He was not afraid of people knowing how much he needed sex, but he did not want to reveal his privacy. He knew he couldn't lie though so he sighed. "Ten."

Shocked eyes stared in his direction. "I never knew you needed that much comfort," gasped Kelandry. "That's more than once per day! How does Rose put up with your sexual desire?"

"Kelandry…" Silver gritted his teeth as he said her name.

The female looked at him nervously. "Fine, I'll be quiet." She muttered under her breath, "I still don't get how a guy could be so horny…" She ducked as a bolt of lightning flew her way. "Right…quiet."

Silver quickly decided on the next victim. "Ren."

"Dare." The real fun was beginning.

Appearing to be amused, Silver again quickly chose his dare for Ren. "I dare you to call your girlfriend and moan into it like you are masturbating…or even having sex."

Ren raised his eyebrow at the dare. He smirked. Shrugging his shoulders, he picked up the phone. A quick dial of numbers connected him to his girlfriend. The others watched as he paused to make sure it is his girlfriend. Without speaking another word, he started to moan. The common room soon filled with Ren's lustful moans and they only kept getting louder. Most people looked amused in the room, but Kelandry had her head down, making others unable to see her face. Then, with one loud shout of satisfaction, just like he had reached his climax, Ren ended the call. "How's that, Silver?"

The male grinned. "Perfect. As expected from Ren, the master of masturbation."

Ren raised his eyebrow at the title but shrugged it off. He knew Silver was joking. If there was one person who masturbated the most within their dorm, it had to be Silver himself. He couldn't exactly get ten times of sex with his girlfriend every week so he had to satisfy himself. It was no secret in the guy's dorms. Silver was the horniest guy ever to live.


"Huh?" The female looked up from the ground.

"Truth or Dare?"

Her hazel eyes sparkled at the question. She took her glass of wine and took a sip. Everyone in the room was holding a glass of alcohol of some sort. Then she smirked, with the rim of the glass touching her lips. "Dare." Her eyes challenged the male to tell her to do something real stupid or daring. People watched in pleasure as they waited for the next dare to happen.

Smirking, Ren declared, "If you dare, Kel, take a pen and lick it, twirl your tongue around it, suck it like a real cock, give the damn a good blowjob while looking at…" He paused in middle of his dare, figuring the last part. He peered at the other three guys in the circle until his eyes landed on the male across of Kel. "…while looking at Joseph."

The said male glared at Ren who again shrugged his shoulders. Kelandry eyed Joseph while still holding her wine glass. Joseph was not the most handsome out of the four males, Ren was, but he was the most popular. Perhaps it was because of his cold-towards-the-world attitude that made him feel mysteriously attractive to girls. His sleek black hair had shades of light brown of them and was slightly ruffled and messy, creating a look that the female found gorgeous. His dark brown eyes were stunning and usually so dark it looked black. For some reason, Kelandry has never really gotten along with him before despite living in the same dorm. They were either not speaking to each other or once they speak, they begin to argue. She has just watched a movie about a wizard named Harry Potter and Joseph reminds her greatly of the guy they call Draco Malfoy. She found Draco more attractive than him though. Amazingly enough, their dorm in the movie looks surprisingly like their own. Of course, the magical world in the movie does differ from the magical world they know. Concentrating back on the game, Kel looked around for a pen. The male beside her, Mike, wordlessly handed her one. She smiled at him and was ready to begin her dare.

Touching her lips with the tip of the pen, Kelandry threw her most seductive look at Joseph.  Her eyes sparkled, not with joy like before but something more lustful. Making sure she got Joseph's attention, she opened her rosy lips and slowly closed them around the pen. She titled her head as she began to nibble on the pen and took her time trailing her lips down the pen and back up again. Biting on the tip of the pen, her other hand began stroking and caressing the bottom part of the pen. Soon her lips left the pen and she flicked her tongue across the narrow top of the pen. She twirled her tongue around the tip, run it up and down the pen and continued looking at Joseph with her licentious eyes. Suddenly she took the whole pen into her mouth and pushed in further back into her throat. She thrust the pen lightly in and out of her mouth for a while before she took the pen back out and gave it one final lick on the tip.

While she was having fun with the pen, Joseph was captured by Kelandry's eyes from the first look she threw at him. He can't lie that he has no feelings for the playful female across from him. After all, they always say that those who argue all the time may become a pair.  She was a pretty thing he had to admit. Her light brown hair fell on her shoulders and several pieces curved around her face in the sexiest way ever. Her eyes were forever sparkling. Her lips were full and her mouth was small, tempting to be kissed. Overall, she was a petite female and attractive as well. He groaned inwardly as he watched Kelandry's tongue flick over the pen. He could just imagine her doing it for real on him…the blood rushed quickly downwards to his manhood. Shifting his position, he hoped people didn't notice the bulge in his pants. Watching Kelandry do all those erotic and sensual things to the pen was torture to him. He was really tempted to take the pen out of her mouth right now and cover her lips with his own. Luckily, she finished her dare before Joseph could put his plan into action.

Turning her head, Kelandry grinned at Ren. "How's that for a blowjob?"

"Way better than requested."

Smiling, Kel answered with a bow of her head, "Thank you." Then she turned her attention to her next victim. "Joseph…" Her voice was taunting him and her orbs were filled with interest.

Joseph swallowed, his Adam's apple sliding down his throat before he answered. He could feel the bulge in his pants getting smaller and he relaxed. "Dare." He could see the mischief in her eyes and decided to go with her wish. The dare couldn't be that bad, considering there was little things he refused to do.

Kelandry grinned. "You chose your own fate, Joseph. I dare you to give Alicia a taste of your drink." She pointed at the glass of whiskey on ice that Joseph held in his hand. "Oh, and before you get too happy. Give her a taste of your whiskey with your mouth and make sure you give her a nice kiss too." Laughing, she knew Joseph won't be too happy with her.

Frowning while glaring at Kelandry at the same time, he took back his thought about the dare being not hard. Joseph loathed Alicia. No, he hated the young woman. She was always trying to seduce him and her attitude according to him was just too fake. He could never understand how the other females make friends with her. Heck, he could never understand the female portion of the human race. Alicia on the other hand, was giggling on the left of him and was more than happy to know that she will get a taste of Joseph. She knew perfectly well how much Joseph loathed her, she didn't want to use the word hate, but one can never resist a hot guy like Joseph.

Reluctantly, Joseph took a sip of his whiskey and walked over to Alicia. He could see the willing face of the mage and frowned. He gave a sigh and knelt down in front of Alicia. He quickly placed his lips on hers and passed the warmed whiskey into her mouth, wanting to pull away as quickly as possible. Feeling Alicia eagerly respond to her lips, he remembered the other part of the dare. He groaned in his head knowing he has to kiss her properly as well. He gave up and kissed the female feverishly and trailed his tongue along her bottom lip before pulling away. He looked at Kelandry, still not very happy, "Are you happy now, Kelandry?" He didn't even bother sounding happy when he said her name.

Grinning, Kelandry answered, "I think I'm supposed to say yes, but I wasn't very satisfied with the kiss. You could do much better than that, can't you?"

"Screw you, Kelandry. Truth or Dare?" They never made any rules about choosing which person to be the victim therefore revenge was very easy to get in their game. It was also common to see Joseph and Kelandry getting at each other's throat whenever present at the game.


Joseph knew exactly what Kelandry would hate to do for a dare. "Seeing you enjoyed giving a pen a blowjob so much, Kelandry I dare you to pick the most preferable guy out of the four of us and give him a blowjob right here and right now."

Her eyes flared up at the request as well as her cheeks. If there was one thing Kelandry did not want to do before people was something that deals with sex. Kissing was okay, touching and licking was acceptable, but when it came to giving a blowjob or hand-job or having actual sex, she cannot stand it. Why? The reason was simple. She was a virgin. Few people knew it and few believe it. It's not possible not to believe because she was very open with her thoughts and was not embarrassed by sex talks or doing something sensual that would arouse a guy. The reality though was no matter what she does, she is still a virgin. She has never touched a man's penis before and did not exactly want to. Joseph did not know she has not been plucked yet but knew perfectly well how she would not like his dare. Sipping her wine nervously, she stared at Joseph. The alcohol never ran out as the glass has been jinxed to fill up when empty. Soon, Kelandry could fill her head getting dizzy but it gave her a bit more courage.

Kelandry got on all fours and began crawling towards Joseph. "You want me to give a blowjob?" she said as she crawled, slowly and leisurely. She did not notice how the neckline of her shirt dipped as she crawled and was giving Joseph a perfect view of her cleavage. Joseph swallowed anxiously. He didn't really like how this was turning out. She continued to speak, "Why didn't you specify who I should give a blowjob to?" Kel finally arrived in front of Joseph. She pulled the front of his shirt and pulled him closer to her. She purred beside his ear, "Don't you want me to give you a blowjob? Don't you want to feel my tongue? Hmm?" One of her finger traced his face from his ear down to his jaw line, sending shivers down Joseph's spine. "Answer me, Joseph…"


Without waiting for a proper answer, Kelandry pressed her lips against Joseph's. Joseph responded almost immediately and was absolutely happy that he could feel her soft lips against his. Her lips tasted so sweet and he soon took dominance over the kiss. His tongue traced over her bottom lip and begged for entrance. She complied and shortly after, their tongues were tangling together, tasting each other. Kelandry was no longer on all fours in front of Joseph and is sitting in his lap instead. He began sucking and nibbling on her tongue and soon was nibbling on her bottom lip as well. Her hand drifted downwards from his jaw to his chest. She traced a little circle on his chest before travelling even further down and reaching the edge of his pants. She consciously touched the slight bulge under the material and started stroking it. Almost instantly, the bulge got bigger as a response. Realizing what was happening, Joseph roughly pushed Kelandry away.

Kelandry landed not so prettily on the ground. She looked up from the ground, her eyes a bit lustful, some of her hair covering her face, her lips red and swollen from the kiss. She looked damn sexy in that pose. "What's the matter Joseph?" She asked, her voice sounding way more seductive than it actually was to Joseph. "I need to finish the dare, don't I?"

The way her body curved, lying on the ground, was almost too much for Joseph. "That kiss and the stroking you did, made up for it." He got up almost too quickly. "I need to use the bathroom." Everyone else in the dorm snickered, knowing fully well what that meant. Joseph didn't bother covering the bulge in his pants.

Getting up from the ground, Kelandry blushed while grinning at the others. "I'll make you guys a deal."

"What?" asked Mike.

"I'll give one of you an easy truth or dare, then when Joseph gets back, help me ask him a question."

Melanie, another female in the group, raised her eyebrow. "And what question that might be?"

Kelandry smiled. "A question I think all of you want an answer for. Did Joseph really want me to give him a blowjob and if I did, would he have fucked me right there?"

Everyone snickered and smirked. Melanie answered, "I'll do it then. I'll ask him, knowing after that, he'll probably pick truth anyways, just to be safe. He won't want us to dare him to finish that dare properly." Kelandry blushed even more. "So, Kel, I choose dare."

"Make-out session with Mike." Kelandry didn't even spend time thinking about Melanie's dare. Everyone knew how much the two liked each other and despite the number of times they have made out and screwed with each other, they were still not an official couple. It bothers Kelandry sometimes knowing they have feelings for each other and does not admit to it. Then again, she always enjoys a good tease directed to her friend. Her best friend, who was in another dorm, and her loves teasing Melanie and Mike endlessly and a make-out session as a dare was common for the two.

Instead of Melanie making the first move, Mike crawled over to the female's side. They stared deeply into each other's eyes before doing anything else. They kissed gently at first, little pecks, tasting each other. Little by little, the pecks were replaced by real kisses, feverish and want for each other. Mike had pulled Melanie close to her and his hands started to travel up and down her back, caressing it. Melanie had her tongue exploring the depths of the male, her hands gripping his arms fiercely.

Kelandry shook her head while grinning. "They should go get a room." Suddenly, she sensed the male dorm's door opening. She sent a small breeze towards the couple, breaking them apart. "Sorry, Mel, but your victim is coming."

Melanie looked up, her eyes glazed from her actions with Mike. They became more into focus as she noticed Joseph descending the stairs, obviously relieved from his erection. "Joseph," she cried out. "We were waiting for you!"

Joseph glared at the female. He was definitely not in the mood for any games right now, but he didn't continue, he would be declared the loser of the game and endure the punishment. It was not something he wants. The game was to continue until the game lasted for an hour. Right now, only twenty minutes have passed. A long time before he could go to sleep. He sighed inwardly. "Truth."

Beaming, Melanie was glad that he had answered as Kel expected. "Did you, Joseph, really want Kel to give you a blowjob just now and if she did, would you have fucked her right there?"

He groaned. He should have expected something like this. It was either truth with the question Melanie had just asked him or a challenge to finish the dare he told Kelandry to do. He weighted his choices. If he lied, he would get whacked by magic. If he told the truth, he would get teased endlessly. Either way, they would still know the truth. He glared at Kelandry, knowing that she came up with the question before answering, "Yes, I wanted Kelandry to give me a blowjob."

"And?" prompted Melanie.

"I would perhaps have fucked her right there…" His voice died as he saw a ball of magic began to form in the middle of the circle, threatening him to tell the full truth. "Fuck that jinx!" he swore silently. Raising his voice by a bit, he continued, "Fine. I would definitely fucked her right then and there if she continued the freaking dare with those damn, sexy lips of hers!"

Everyone hooted in the dorm as they heard Joseph's confession. The ball of magic has died down and disappeared. Kelandry was blushing madly, but at the same time, smirked at Joseph. "You better stay away from me," sneered Joseph. "I don't want to face you for a while."

Kelandry pouted, as if she was hurt by his words. "Someone's angry at me." Her dancing orbs show nothing close to upset though. "Come on, guys. Maybe we should cut this game short. It's no fun playing when someone's heart is not in it." She eyed Joseph as she said this.

"Very well," said Silver. "Does anyone have objections?" Nobody answered. "Good." He muttered a few words and the game's hexes were taken off the group. He stood up and said, "Good night." With that, he went up the stairs towards the male dorm rooms. Soon, everyone went up to their own rooms, except for Melanie and Mike who lingered behind. It wasn't hard to guess what they wanted.

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~

Kelandry groaned as she crawled out of bed. This was definitely not her day. She had probably drunk her red wine last night too quickly and now, it has resulted into a major headache in the morning. She frowned as she stared at her clock. It was a tad bit early for her to be awake, as everyone else in the dorm was still asleep. There was still about an hour before she really needs to be awake, she could go back to sleep if she wanted. Then she decided against it. It usually took her a while before getting back to sleep so she might as well stay up until it was time for her lessons. She ruffled her hair as she picked her clothes for the day and walked leisurely, or rather dreamily, into the washroom. Once she got ready for the day, she entered the dorm kitchen. She kept complaining silently to herself about her headache and how she could really use some healer's magic right now for her headache. Healer magic was not her strong point and she could only heal small cuts and wounds, not some internal headache. She was still muttering when she realized someone was in the kitchen with her. She looked up and found Joseph leaning against the kitchen entrance. "Why are you up?"

The male shrugged his shoulders. "Can't I be up early? At least I'm usually awake before you are."

"What are you doing here then?"

"I want breakfast."

"And you're going to make breakfast standing here?" Kelandry retorted back at him.

Joseph hid a smirk. "I heard you getting ready for the day in the washroom. Figured you could make me something."

Kelandry crossed her arms across her chest. "And why would I do that?"

He pointed at her head. "I could get rid of that headache for you, for once."

"Damn you!" Both of them knew perfectly well that his healer's magic exceeded that of Kel's. "Did you have to probe me with your magic? There wasn't that need." She pouted, not happy that Joseph found out about the headache.

"Everyone knows that you don't take in alcohol well if you drink too much or too quickly. And the fact that you're actually up this early. Anyone can tell without probing you with magic that you have a headache. I'm not that stupid. Besides, you would have felt my magic." Joseph looked passive on the outside, but inside, he could only think about how cute Kelandry looked with that pout of hers.

"Damn you!" Kelandry repeated. "And to think you told me to stay away and get out of your face for a while last night. Now, I've been drafted to cook you breakfast!"

"Yes, damn you!" echoed Joseph. "I still need my breakfast anyhow. You know I'd burn anything I touch."

Kelandry snickered. "And why? You need better control over your fire magic. You seem to be in control, but when it comes to cooking, you make our gas stove burn up so much, you'd have destroyed our kitchen so many times." Despite arguing with Joseph, Kel started to prepare their breakfast. She decided to make tacos for breakfast, so she started to grab the ingredients. She took two eggs from the refrigerator as well as the block of cheddar cheese. She started to shred the cheese, lifting the shredder every now and then to check the growing amount. "Could you get the frying pan from the cupboard? Oh, and the butter from the fridge. I forgot about it."


"Because it's your damn breakfast too!"

"You could have skipped the 'damn' part," mumbled Joseph as he unwilling found the pan and got the butter. Then again, he realized that Kelandry would have some trouble getting the pan since she was petite. She would have needed some step to get it properly without injuring herself. Satisfied that he found a good reason to help Kel, he sat back down on the kitchen table to watch Kel cook. Instead, he found himself unable to take his eyes off Kelandry's behind. Her bottom was round and looked firm yet soft. He can't help but imagined his hands touching it and giving it a squeeze. Then he swore inwardly. He was letting his hormones wander too far. If he really needed sex, many other girls would throw themselves at him, like Alicia, but he had to daydream about the hardest one to get.

The hardest one to get was busy cooking and did not Joseph's eyes on her. She has mixed the eggs with pieces of broken nachos along with pieces of tomato and other vegetables such as Jalapeño peppers and was waiting for the butter to melt on the hot pan. Once the butter was melted, she dropped the two scrambled eggs on to the sizzling pan. The heat made the eggs cook quickly and the female quickly flipped them as well as putting the cheese on the pan into the two piles. She flipped the eggs again, this time on to the bed of cheese making the yellow goodness melt beneath the cheese. Before the cheese could stick to the pan, Kel scarped the egg and cheese off the pan and on to two warmed tortillas. Grabbing the two plates with the soft breakfast tacos on them, Kelandry took the bottle of salsa from the counter and set it in front of Joseph on the kitchen table. "You could add salsa if you want." She spooned some salsa on to her won breakfast and started to enjoy what she made.

Joseph wirnkled his nose at the unusual breakfast but spooned some salsa on to the tortilla anyways. Once he bit into it, he was glad he told Kelandry to make breakfast. "This is pretty good," he complimented, slightly unclear due to the food in his mouth.

"Swallow before you talk. I don't like people talking with their mouth full."

Quickly, he finished his delicious breakfast before continuing. "This is good, despite it being a bit unusual."

"Thank you," replied Kel quite coldly.

Joseph frowned. "Don't you appreciate compliments?"

"It depends on who said it."

"Screw you."

"Screw you too." Kelandry got up and grabbed her cup from the washing machine. "If you're finished, I would prefer a cup of coffee as well as you fulfilling your side of the deal, getting rid of my headache." Her headache was still bothering her.

Joseph paused for a bit before asking, "Coffee or healing first?"

"Coffee." The male got up and started to make the pot of coffee. Might as well, since Kelandry did make breakfast. He could handle a coffee machine by himself. They sat in silence as they waited for the coffee to be ready. Soon, the smell of it filled the kitchen and drifted up towards the rooms. Once it beeped, Joseph took the cup from the girl's and filled it for her. Wordlessly, Joseph took Kelandry's hand and held it in his own. His magic immediately traveled through her and before long, Kelandry could fill her headache lessen and slowly disappeared. The two glowed azure as a result of Joseph's gift.

"I'd never thought I would walk in on this."

The two snapped their heads up at the voice. At the entrance of the kitchen, they saw a girl standing there, arms across her chest. Her blonde curls were tied up in a ponytail and her pale blue eyes showed slight amusement. She was tall for a female, usually due to the three or four inches of extra height her shoes gave her. She was trying not to smirk as she eyed the two hands that connected the male to the other female in the space.

Joseph let go of Kel's hand, relaxed, not embarrassed unlike some would expect. "Keisha," said Joseph drily.

"Good morning to you, Joseph," replied Keisha. "Did I interrupt anything?"

"You weren't interrupting anything," growled Joseph. "I'll go back up to my room before you two girls kick me out." He left without saying anything else. Only he knew that he was unhappy about the fact Keisha interrupted the moment he enjoyed, holding Kel's small hand in his.

"He seems really grumpy," commented Keisha, joining Kelandry as she sat.

Kel shrugged her shoulders. "He was fine before." Keisha did not get along with Joseph either, but it was better than Keladnry and Joseph. Keisha and Joseph just like to completely ignore one another. Keisha was Kel's best friend from another dorm. She often entered Kel's dorm anytime she liked, knowing the password of the dorm, courtesy of her best friend.

"So what were you two doing?"

"I made him breakfast and he helped my headache go away."

Keisha choked. "You. Made him breakfast?"

"It was easier than dealing with my headache!" snapped Kel.

"Aww…did you drink too much alcohol last night?" cooed Keisha, patting Kel on the head. "Or did you drink too fast?"

"You know me too well," muttered Kel.

"I can't help it if I'm your best friend." She motioned towards the dirtied plates and pan in the kitchen. "You cleaning this up?" Kelandry raised her eyebrow. Keisha knew that look. "Fine, I'll clean it up for you." She muttered a spell under her breath and soon the kitchen became sparkly clean.

"I love you, Keish."

"You better."

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~

Joseph found himself unable to concentrate on the lesson that the professor was teaching about the history of magic. Usually, he found the history the fascinating while the professor dry as the dessert, but today, he found nothing that could interest him. Or rather, his mind was rather focused on something, or someone outside of the classroom. His seat was right beside the windows of the classroom therefore he noticed the group of mages that were on the field, practicing sword-fighting with Professor Alannis. His eyes kept darting towards one petite figure of light brown. He couldn't seem to get his mind of that female at all. Sure, he found Kelandry attractive and all, but his mind never actually focused on her long enough to allowed him to drift off in classes. After nearly one and half year of living in the same dorm, now he found himself unable to pry his mind off her. It was unbelievable. He had seen many more girls much more attractive than her and much more willing, yet he was attracted. He had never actually wanted to do anything about his attraction, but after that game of Truth or Dare, something changed. Something woke up his hormones and now, he wanted her. If that dare only continued… The professor's shout of dismissal woke Joseph from his thoughts. Grudgingly, he collected his things and headed towards the cafeteria for lunch.

Silver caught up with him and punched on the shoulder. "You okay, man? You looked spaced out during Magic History. I thought you like that stuff."

The male turned to look at Silver and smiled. "I'm fine. A bit tired I guess. I should have stayed in bed a bit longer I suppose."

"You tired and need more sleep? Try another lie, man." Silver nudged Joseph. "Just say that a certain girl has captured your attention."

Joseph tried to hide his surprise. "What do you mean?"

Silver grinned. "Nothing. Just that maybe your mind just couldn't get enough of thinking of a certain girl that you know of. Perhaps you should take some action."

"Which girl now would you be talking about?"

"You know who I'm talking about."

"I don't," replied Joseph firmly.

His friend continued to grin. "Deny it all you want, Joseph. You know better than that."

Joseph ignored Silver and went to get his lunch. He had to eat lunch quickly if he wanted to finish the homework he got from the Math professor. He has Math right after lunch, with Kelandry. He groaned inwardly when that name appeared in his mind once again. Suddenly, he felt like skipping school as well as the game planned two nights later. It was Christmas soon and they planned to have one more game just before the holidays. Most of them would be home to celebrate and be back by New Year's to have a special edition of the game played. He hoped within the next two days, he could get his mind of Kelandry, otherwise he wouldn't know what to hope for when the game starts. He went back to his table of friends. "So how was class?"

"Long" was the reply.

"Did people invite others to the game yet?" asked Silver. He was the organizer for the game as well as the next one at New Year's.

Ren replied, "The girls have started asking and I'm going to start later." After a few mental calculations, he continued, "There should be at least fifteen in the game, including the eight of us in the dorm."

"We'll have to tell Kelandry of the numbers once we have them firmed. She'll need to adjust the barrier around the dorm according to the number of people."

Silver nodded and looked at Joseph, who was eating his lunch while doing his homework at the same time. He decided to tune out of the conversation once they mentioned Kelandry. "Joseph!"


"You'll have to help with the barrier at the game. Kel probably won't be able to keep it up for long with fifteen people." The barrier helped keep the essences of people in the dorm hidden, just in case a passing teacher came by and felt more than eight people in the dorm, awake and playing.

Joseph frowned. "Why me? You guys can do it too."

"It's your turn to help." Joseph scowled. "Oh shut it, Joseph. We planned that long ago. You will help Kel, you got it?"

Of course he got it. "Great, I can't wait for the game," Joseph answered sarcastically.

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~

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