Truth or Dare

By Kaji no Tenshi

Chapter Five

Sometimes a game can get so intertwined with life that one would find any chance to try to involve the game into all situations. When something that would happen in a game happen outside a game, how would it affect the games to come?

"Welcome, customers. Please note that you both are standing under a mistletoe."

Joseph immediately looked up about him. Indeed there hanging on the doorway of the store was a mistletoe. He looked at Kelandry for her reaction and found her glaring at who he believed to be the storeowner. "Uh…Kel?"

Kelandry ignored him. "You really like torturing your customers, don't you Kuro?"

The addressed man smiled. "Why Kel, that's not torturing. It's having fun! Besides, mistletoes are part of the festivities." He beamed at her, causing her to groan.

"So how many pairs have you caught under here?" she asked.

"Let's see, counting you and your friend here, perhaps 121 pairs?"

Kel widened her eyes. 'You actually kept count?"

"And why not?"

"Because it's pathetic."

Kuro showed her a knowing smile. "Now, now. I don't think it's polite for you to try to wriggle out of this one."

"Polite? I don't give a damn."

"Curse you luck then. There was a chance you guys could have walked in one after the other, but you chose to walk in together. Now you can't escape it."

The female turned to the ignored Joseph. "It's your fault."

Joseph did a doubletake. "My fault? I don't even know what's going on here. How is it my fault?"

Crossing her arms in irritation, Kel replied, "If you didn't walk in with me, we could have escaped from this sadistic bastard, but nooo, you just had to walk in beside me."

"And the problem?" Joseph didn't see the dilemma here. A quick kiss, then they could continue into the store, right? Just festivities.

She sighed, annoyed. "Didn't you take a good look at Kuro? Can't you see his magical aura, you idiot? For all I care, he jinxed the damn mistletoe up there so people can't walk out of it until they did certain things his way."

Clapping was heard. Kuro was beaming at Kel again, his dark eyes twinkling in delight. "That's right, Kelandry! Just before you walked in, I changed it so you guys have to french kiss for three minutes!"

Joseph still didn't see the problem. He and Kel have kissed many times before. What's wrong with kissing under a mistletoe? "I still don't get why you're so frustrated, Kel."

"I agree with this young man here!"

"Look, we're going to be kissing in front of strangers. I don't mind if it was our dorm mates, but in front of an unknown audience…" She wrinkled her nose. "Someone save me."

Shaking his head, Joseph said, "I will never comprehend the thoughts that goes through your mind, Kel."

Kuro came up and patted Joseph on the back. "I'm with you, man. But I believe you still have to kiss this young lady here before going anywhere."

"Uh…Kel?" Joseph wasn't sure if he should be the one to make the move, seeing how Kelandry was still standing there, fuming like there was no tomorrow.

Kelandry was muttering obscenities under her breath. "Fuck that brother of cousin of uncle of aunt of Keisha's. Why the hell did Keisha have to introduce me to this fucking sadistic bastard who like torturing people to no end? Shit, shit, shit…"

Joseph deadpanned. Just what was Kel thinking? "Kel, you okay…?"

"Argh…fine, just get this over with."

"What'd you…"

Joseph was cut off as Kel turned to face him and pulled him down, placing one of her hands behind his neck. Another cupped his face and soft lips covered his own. He blinked his eyes a few times before catching on. The female was probing his lips with her tongue. He opened willingly and groaned slightly with pleasure. How long had he wanted a kiss from her since this morning? He realized that no matter what Kel did, she could always make him want her. Feverishly, he plunged his tongue in and explored that sweet cavern of hers. Circling his arms around her waist, he pulled her close, wanting to feel that lithe body against his. Damn. He wished they were in somewhere more private. He could definitely take this to another level. Then again, Kel would never let him.

Just as things were getting more and more…hot, the two felt a great force pulling them apart. They could tell it wasn't just plain human strength, definitely had some magic in it as well. "Okay you two lovebirds, three minutes have passed." Kuro grinned. "But I must admit, you two were putting on quite the show. Look at all the audience you've attracted."

Kelandry turned and saw the group of shoppers that had gathered, courtesy of their kiss under the mistletoe. Most of them were blushing, some with their mouths agape. Both she and Joseph had the decency to blush and she quickly pulled Joseph into the store, away from prying eyes. Not before she muttered angrily to Kuro though, "I'm going to kill you one day for this."

"I would love to see you try." She ignored the smirk the man sent her way.

Once she got herself and Joseph away from the front of the store, she turned to face him. "Okay, look for any decorations you find interesting and sketch them in the notebook. You do have a pencil or a pen right?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Don't consider buying anything unless there's some sort of special magic attached to it and we can't possibly duplicate the effect of it. Okay? Okay." After saying all that in one breath, Kel walked off, leaving a very confused Joseph behind.

As she started her search on one side of the store, Kelandry wondered why the hell did she wanted come to this store when she knew very well who the hell the owner was. It wasn't like she hated the man, but he definitely annoyed her till no end. She distinctly remembered him using those similar mistletoes at Keisha's family party last year during Christmas. The amount of people that got caught under them was numerous, she herself being under them at least three times. She still must admit the man was ingenious when it came to these things. These would definitely add an interesting twist to their New Year's party, seeing how they didn't do anything for Christmas. Looking around the aisle she was in, Kel finally found some pretty decorations she liked and crouched down to start sketching them.

Joseph checked his watch. They've been in the store for nearly an hour already. The store was big enough that he never ran into Kelandry during their little decoration-searching time. When he saw Kel going one direction, he had purposely gone the other way. He figured they needed some time away from each other after that whatever it was. He thought Kel was acting very awkward.

Closing the notebook that contained a few brief sketches, he decided to go the front of the store. Maybe Kel thought it was time to go as well. As he got closer to the entrance, he noticed Kelandry was paying for something at the cashier. "What did you buy?"

Kel looked from her wallet. "A few mistletoes." She then scowled. "Despite how much I hate to say this, they're good. Did you find something to buy?"

The male shook his head. "I think all the magical decorations were on your side of the store. I just sketched some things." He held up the notebook, as if to prove his point.


"I'm glad you like my mistletoes, Kel." Kuro butted in as he gave Kelandry her change.

"Oh, shut up. We're getting out of here, Joseph." Grabbing the bag off the counter and pulling on Joseph's arm as well, Kel walked out the store. "Prepare to die the next time you see me, Black."

Joseph raised his eyebrow as he allowed the female pull him out and towards the mall entrance. "Black?"

Kel swerved her head around and explained, "Kuro means black in Japanese. Fitting nickname for a guy like that I suppose."


After a few minutes, they were standing in the parking lot, facing the trunk of Joseph's car. As if her actions and thoughts were catching up to her, Kel abruptly let go of the male. She stuffed the bags in his arms without saying anything and hurriedly went into the front seat of the car. Joseph looked at her questioningly, but didn't say anything. He stuffed the bags into the trunk and took his place at the driver seat.

"So…where are we going now? The dorm?"

The female shook her head. "Supermarket."


"I'm staying at the dorm till the party, I need food. I'm not going out to eat every single day. Besides, I can buy some food for the party too."

"Oh, sure."

After that conversation ceased and the two spent the drive to their next destination in silence.

"Are you staying at the dorm till the party too?"

"Eh?" Joseph looked surprised at the question. They had arrived at the supermarket and were presently browsing through the fresh fruits when Kelandry asked the question. He scratched his head. "I suppose. I don't really want to burden Ren's or Silver's or anyone else's family for too long. Still don't want to go home." He paused. "Why?"

Kel gave him a look that clearly said 'Are you stupid?' "Well, I am buying food to place in the dorm's kitchen. I have to know if I'm buying for one or two."

Comprehension dawned on Joseph's face. "Right. What are you planning on getting then?"

She wrinkled her nose. "I don't know. What would you like? I'm not usually responsible for groceries. Mel does that most the time."

"Um…doesn't really matter. I'm not really craving for anything and I don't particularly hate anything. You can choose, I suppose."

"'Kay." The female looked around before turning to Joseph. "I'm going to look at the meat. Meet you later."

Joseph answered vaguely as he inspected some apples. "Hm, sure."

Soon, he had a plastic bag filled with some apples and was searching for Kelandry. He wandered around, thinking Kel might still be at the meat section when he noticed another person beside the female. And the sounds of laughter coming from the female.

"Is that really what happened?"

"Yep, I'm not joking. You should have seen my aunt's face, definitely horrified."

"I would have been if you did that me. Seriously, tricking your aunt to eat meat when she was a vegan. That's not nice, Wayne."

"Well, it's more of my brother's idea."

"Don't push the blame on someone else. Weren't you teaching me how to choose chicken anyways?"

"Oh…right. Sorry, wandered off topic there."

"That's okay."

Joseph want to, no, need to, pull that damn Wayne away from Kel and punch him in the face. Oh, and add a few fireballs and trap him in a ring of fire as well. That sounds good. That bastard was standing too close to Kel, their shoulders were brushing, damn it. He was making his Kelandry laugh. His Kelandry.

"Fuck," Joseph swore under his breath. He was doing it again. Calling Kelandry his. Getting jealous of Wayne. Sure he was lusting after Kelandry, but this was getting ridiculous.

He watched as the two reached for the same package and their hands brushed. They looked at each other and Joseph swore he saw a slight blush on Kel's face. Okay, he has to interfere. Now.

"Kelandry, you done yet?"

Both of them turned at the voice. Wayne addressed him first. "Joseph, nice to meet you again."

"Hn." Joseph suppressed the urge to growl back in annoyance.

"Wayne here was teaching me how to choose a good piece of chicken breast," replied Kel.

"Really?" drawled Joseph. He was a male too. He could tell what Wayne's intentions were. That damn dare Keisha gave to Kel last game was definitely making this male in front of him want Kel. He felt like strangling Keisha. Damn her for thinking of that dare.

"Actually, I have to go now. See you at the party then, Kel." Wayne gave a small nod before walking away.

Joseph felt his eyebrows twitching. "I think he just ignored me there."

Kel smirked. "Aww, are you upset, little Joseph?"

He ignored the comment. "Funny seeing him twice today. Do you think he's stalking you?"

"And you got a problem with that?"

"Hell yes," replied Joseph before he could shut his mouth. He groaned inwardly when he saw Kel's eyes flared.

"Joseph, I don't know what's your problem is! It's not any of your business if anyone is stalking me! Don't act like a fucking jealous boyfriend!" Kelandry was furious and he could feel the waves of magic coming from her. If it wasn't for the place being a public one, he was sure the lights would be flickering around her by now.

He was a little taken aback by her remark thought. Was he acting like a jealous boyfriend? His anger from before still hasn't faded though, so he retorted back, "Yea, I'm sure you would love to have someone stalk you. Maybe you like the feeling of being stalked. Maybe you love to know that someone wants to get their hands into your skirt. Maybe you're just a slut…"

The sound of a slap rung within the supermarket.

Kelandry glared at Joseph, emotions running through her eyes. Anger, hate, confusion, disbelief…pain. She bit her lip and managed to choke out, "Bastard."

Joseph wasn't sure what to make of those tears that were falling out of Kelandry's eyes.

Somehow, they managed to get back to the dorm from the supermarket. They didn't say anything to each other and avoided each other whenever possible. Joseph didn't leave the dorm and Kel didn't complain about it. For four days, they lived in the same building but refused to share a single word.

Kelandry was hurt. Slut. Was that really what she was in Joseph's eyes? Frankly, she wasn't sure why she cared about the male's opinion about her, but it pained her. She didn't understand Joseph. Weren't they just dorm mates? Why did he have to act that way? She felt her eyebrows knit together as she concentrated on levitating the mistletoe up to the doorway. Tomorrow was the party and she wasn't in the mood. Damn Joseph. She muttered the charm to stick the mistletoe in its place. That's when she noticed Joseph coming towards her. Her eyes widened. "Don't come any closer, you bastard!"

"What?" Too late, he had already stepped under the doorway.

"Argh! You idiot!" Kel cried out in frustration.

"What?" he repeated irritably. He was already pissed off about being in such a situation with the female and right now, she was exasperating him to no end.

Kel nearly jumped up and down in aggravation. "Look up, stupid. Up! What do you see?" She pointed her finger upwards. "A mistletoe! A mistletoe! Why do you have to walk this way? I thought we were avoiding each other, damn it!"

Joseph growled, "Shut up, Kel. Don't irritate me even more."

She growled back. "You're irritated? What about me? You're the one who got me mad. You're the one who's being inconsiderate. You're the one acting like the bastard you are. You're the one…"

"Shut up, Kel."

"No, you listen to me! I don't give a damn about your opinions right now. Just get this straight. I. Am. No. Slut." Kel said each word while poking Joseph's chest. She could feel tears gathering in her eyes and was mad at herself now for showing these emotions.

The male's voice softened. "You're crying, Kel."

"No, I'm not." She looked down at the ground.

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"Don't deny it, Kel." He used his hand and lifted the female's face up. "See, you're crying." With his hand holding her chin, he used his thumb to wipe a falling tear.

Kel snarled. "Like you give a damn."

Joseph took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Kel."

She blinked her eyes. "What?" She wasn't sure if she was hearing right.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For acting like a jealous boyfriend, when I'm not your boyfriend. For ignoring you these few days. For calling you a slut, when you're definitely not one."

Kel could feel her breath hitch. She has never seen that soft look in Joseph's eyes before. Never. Those eyes were showing care, passion…and something else. They were boring into her and made her back away, leaning against the slight wall that made part of the doorway. "What are you doing?" she whispered when she noticed his face getting closer.

Joseph smiled gently. "Mistletoe, Kel."

It felt different this time. That's what Kelandry thought when she felt lips covering her own. This time, the kiss was much softer, more gentle. As if Joseph was afraid was hurting her. He flicked his tongue against her lower lip, making her moan just slightly. Her mind was getting hazy and was only vaguely conscious of her actions. She responded to the kiss. One hand was wrapped around his neck while the other arm gripped his arm. She opened her mouth and her tongue darted forward. Soon, the gentle kiss became more passionate and fervent. Joseph slipped a hand under her shirt, caressing the soft skin of her lower back while Kelandry moved both of her hands, tangling them in the dark locks of the male. Unconsciously, she lifted her leg up and wrapped it around his waist. He, in turn, held on to her leg, being the only support to keep her from falling as her knees were proving to be useless in the situation.

Soon, the male left her swollen lips and pressed kisses down her jaw line. He kissed her forehead, her closed eyelids, her nose, and her cheeks. Then he kissed this one spot behind her earlobe and was delighted when it extracted a moan out of her. He had found one of her sensitive spots. Therefore he decided to concentrate on that spot. Alternating nibbling and sucking, he could feel himself wanting her more and more as he listened to her moans and whimpers. Her grip on his hair had tightened, but he could barely feel the pain. He travelled downwards, to her neck. Feeling the soft skin there, he continued to nibble and suck causing a red mark to soon appear there. Another moan escaped her lips and she pressed her body against the firmness of his.

Both of them were so in to it, they didn't hear the front door of the dorm to open nor did they hear the noise of three-inch heels walking on the floor.

"Ke-lan-…oh my God! What the fuck are you two doing? Get the hell away from Kel you rapist!"

The two were immediately pulled away. Kel was shocked to see her best friend standing there, hands close to strangling Joseph.


Keisha's pale blue eyes flared at the sight of the female. Her lips were swollen, a hickey was visible on her neck and her face was flushed. Definitely signs of being ravished. The thing that irked her most was the nearly non-existent tear stains on Kel's face. "Kel, you stay here. I'm going have a word with Joseph outside." She gave Kel a sweet smile before growling at Joseph and pushing him towards the doors.

"Get your hands off me, Keisha!"

"If you would get your hands off Kel!"

Joseph hit her arms away from him. He was shocked at first, but he has definitely recovered now. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Keisha narrowed her eyes. "I'm warning you, Joseph. When there's no game going on, keep your hands away from Kelandry."

"Who are you to limit my actions?"

"If you have any ill intentions towards Kel, I'll personally murder you."

"I don't have any ill intentions, damn it."

"You made her cry. I saw those tear stains. If you want her as a girlfriend, you'll have to pass through me. I won't let anyone who hurts Kelandry to get close to her."

"Fuck off, Keisha."

"No, you fuck off. And don't come back."

With that Keisha slammed the dorm's doors in Joseph's face.

"What the fuck were you thinking, Kelandry?!"

The said female winced at the tone and loudness of Keisha's voice and could only watch as she began to pace. "Keisha, calm down."

Keisha was fuming. How dare that Joseph molest her best friend? They were the only two in the dorm. One male and one female. Anything could have happened. "How the hell am I suppose to calm down?! That pervert was molesting you and before that, he made you cry! Aren't you afraid he'll rape you or something, you stupid virgin? You guys were the only ones in the dorm. One male and one female. Together! Argh, I knew I should have come earlier! How could I have left you alone with that…with that beast for so long! How can I be so stupid?"

"Keisha," Kel swallowed, "I'm fine. You kicked him out already. No harm done." Keisha was overreacting. She has always been protective of her but never to this extreme. Kel supposed the guy being Joseph just added oil to the fire.

"No harm done? Are you sure?"

Kel nodded, slightly wary of her friend may plan to do to Joseph. She has seen Keisha making lists of torture methods before. Hoping that Joseph won't endure any of those, she knew she had to calm down the blonde. "There's no need to torture Joseph or anything. I mean, we barely said a word to each other during those few days. We avoided each other as much as possible too." She added, but didn't tell the other female why they were not talking to each other.

"You care for him," accused Keisha.

"What?" Kel blinked her eyes in surprise.

"You care for Joseph. I told you, you don't hate him at all."

Becoming flustered, Kel stuttered, "What…care? No…no way, Keish. I don't care for Joseph."

"Don't deny it," sneered Keisha. "I can tell, Kel. I think you like him."

"No…no way!" Her face was red.

"If he dare hurt you anymore, I'll kill him. That's a promise."

It was a while before Kelandry got Keisha to settle down and focus her mind on other things besides her want to murder Joseph. They started a conversation on what happened on their shopping trips on Boxing Day, where Kel obviously avoided saying anything about her male companion. Keisha ranted on about how she couldn't stand her relatives and narrated a few moments of stupidity on the trip. Kel was holding her sweater up for her best friend to see when she wondered if she should wear it for the party.

"Girl, you are so not wearing that to the party."

"And why not?"

"That's a first-date sweater."

"First date?"

"Or any other time you feel like you want to look cute. Party means sexy and tempting."

"Sexy and tempting?"

Therefore they began raiding Kel's closet for the perfect outfit. After an hour or two, they managed to make a mess out of the females' dorm room. They had finally found an outfit Keisha thought was 'sexy and tempting' so Kel insisted that Keisha should help her decorate the rest of the dorm.

"Ugh…Kel, you really should work on your conjuring skills."

"What are you talking about? I think the streamers look pretty good."

"Compared to mine?"

"Oh, shut up. They're not that bad."

Then they proceeded to hang up the mistletoes while reliving some memories they had with them last year.

"I still can't believe you went to Kuro."

"You have to admit his inventions are quite innovative."

"Did you have to buy this many mistletoes?"

"It'll be amusing."

"Are they all jinxed differently?"

"Yes, Keisha."

Soon, the day of the party has finally arrived. The two females had already dressed up and were preparing the snacks in the kitchen. The party was to start at around 6 o'clock and lasts till…who knows when. It was obvious no one was going to be sitting down and eat a real dinner, so they had to be prepared and make lots and lots of snacks to fill up people's hunger. There were chips, chocolate, nuts, some dainty little sandwiches among the many choices. That's when they heard the doors opening and someone walking into the dorm.

Kel called out, "Silver, that you?"

A male stepped into the kitchen, a female in his arms. "Ah, morning, girls."

Keisha raised an eyebrow. "Morning? You sure your watch is working, Silver?"

"Sorry. Evening, girls. Ready for the party?"

"Of course, we're ready for one anytime!"

He motioned outside the kitchen. "I've seen the decorations. Did a pretty good job. I like the mistletoes."

Grinning, Kel replied, "Well, we missed Christmas since everyone went home, so I thought a bit of Christmas festivity won't hurt. Oh, gorgeous top by the way, Rose."

Rose blushed slightly as she snuggled closer to Silver. "Thanks, Kel."

"So, what games did you plan, Silver?" asked Keisha.

Kel looked slightly surprised. "I thought we were only playing a longer game of Truth or Dare."

"You're kidding me, Kel? That wouldn't last the whole night. We need more than one game."

Silver beamed in reply. "I got three games lined up. I took up your suggestion about 'I've Never…' Keisha. Added my own little twist to it though with the alcohol."

Keisha looked interested. "What'd you do to it?"

"It's a surprise."

"Hmph," she crossed her arms, "fine, be that way."

The male snickered at her reaction. "I also got a…how should I describe it…it's not just kissing, um… Here I'll explain." He pulled Keisha close and whispered a short explanation into her ear.

"Hey, how come you're not telling me?" exclaimed Kel.

Rose smiled apologetically. "Sorry Kel, but even I don't know what Silver planned."

"How come Keisha gets to know?"

"I think Silver is considering her as his partner-in-crime."

Silver butted in, as he had finished the whispered conversation with Keisha. "Hey! Partner-in-crime? That's a little harsh Rose. We're making this party fun!"

"Whatever, Silver."

"I suppose the final game would be Truth or Dare then?"

"Of course. Once people start arriving, I'll explain what's going to happen."

Kel looked at the clock that was in the kitchen. "Well, people should start arriving any minute now." She picked up some of the plates that held the snacks. "We should place these outside."

Hurriedly, the four moved the food and drinks to their place. Both Silver and Rose commented on some decorations and last-minute details were placed in. The couple got caught under a mistletoe on purpose and shared a kiss before they heard the commotion outside the dorm's doors.

"Looks like our guests have arrived."

Keisha smirked. "Let me do the honours." She went ahead to open the doors.

"Welcome to the last, but best party of the year."

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