Special Delivery

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Tenth day of June when a student at Cleveland State University named David Shannon has flown back to his home state of California in order to spend the summer and some quality time with his family,only he has no idea that a mysterious person was following David and watching him with a pair of very hungry eyes.

And then,after the jet has landed at LAX airport,David and the rest of the passagers had gotten off the plane and walked over to the claim desk to pick up their luggage.

But then,after everyone else has picked their bags,the mysterious female had looked with shock in her eyes at the pair of local cops who were stopping all travelers and searching their bags for something that she has in her personal possession.

And so,just to make sure that it stays that way,the female stranger has grabbed the one guy that she saw--which happened to be David--and dragged him over towards a row of chairs for the travelers who are waiting to board their flights.

And just as he was about to ask the stranger what she was trying to pull,the Gina Gershon type beauty has looked straight at a confused David and softly said,"Just do me a favor and kiss me."

And with that,David has done exactly what the female stranger had asked him to do and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips.

Then,after the cops had noticed both David and the female acting like a pair of sex crazed love birds,one of the officers had said,"Jeez,would the both of you do us a favor and get a room?",before walking over to the next group of passagers who were getting off their plane.

And after she had noticed that the cops had walked away without giving them a second look,the mysterious female has pulled her head away from David's,took a deep breath and said,"Thanks for the kiss.That was really helpful."

"It was my pleasure.",said David,after he had let out a deep breath as well."Look,I know that it just really isn't in the cards,but why don't we go someplace that's truly special and see what happens to us next?"

And then,after she had realized that she had also fallen in love with David as well,the two newfound lovers had agreed to go to a nearby Red Roof Inn,check themselves into a room and really give each other a passionate kiss on the lips.

Then,after the kiss,both David and the stranger had removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed,just before they've started kissing and carressing each other within such a warm and passionate embrace.

Just then,after the two lovers had finally compleated their moment of pure erotic pleasure and the female stranger has placed her head on David's chest,he had placed his gentle hand on her head and asked,"Could you please do me one little favor?Could you--at least--tell me what you name is?"

And after she had heard the words that had came out of David's mouth,the female stranger had closed her eyes,let out a sigh and answered,"Well,if you really want to know,my name is Veronica Sterling--as in sterling silver--and I just happen to be a cat burgler by trade."

"Don't tell me.Let me guess.",said a curious David."Why do I have the feeling that this has something to do with those two cops who had passed us back at the airport?"

"As a matter of fact,David.You're right on the money.",answered Veronica,after she had gotten out of bed,put on a bathrobe and walked over to one of the room's many windows."You see,I've been doing the cat burgler gig for over two years now and I've never had anyone else to lean myself on and tell my troubles to.But that's before I've stolen the most priceless treasure in the entire world.It was a golden framed diamond scarab that's worth a million dollars."

"Something tells me that somone back here in the USA has hired you to snatch that scarab out from the nose of whoever was in possession of the rock.",said David,after he had gotten out of bed,wrapped a bed sheet around the lower part of his body and walked over to a suddenly saddened Veronica."Am I right?"

"That's right.",answered Veronica,after she had lowered her head and began to cry."I'm suppossed to meet at a secret meeting place tonight to exchange the scarab for a cool million in unmarked bills.Look,David.I'm so very sorry that you had to get mixed up in any of this--and if you want to hate me for the rest of your life,then I'll understand."

But instead of doing that,an understanding David had wrapped his gentle arms around Veronica and said,"You don't need to be sorry.It's just that old guilty feeling creeping up on you.As for the jerk who had hired you for the heist,I've got a feeling that he's got more than one ace up his sleeve.So,why don't we pull out one of our own."

Meanwhile,at a long stretch of beach in Malibu,a gangly looking man has been pacing back and forth and waiting for a certain delivery to show up.

Just then,a voice from behind him had asked,"Are you the punk known as Sid The Squid?Because if you are,then I've got a special delivery for you."

And after he had turned around and noticed that Veronica was standing in front of him with a plain brown package in her hands,Sid had allowed a sinister smile to appear on his lips and said,"I see that you were able to get it."

"It was no trouble at all.",said Veronica,after she had handed the small package to Sid."Now,how about giving me my money,so that I could get myself out of here,before the cops find out about us?"

"Oh,you don't have to worry.",said Sid,while he was placing the small package inside his jacket pocket."They'll never find out about us?"

"Oh,really?",asked a curious Veronica."And how are you going to make sure that they won't find out about our little partnership?"

"Quite simple,my dear.",answered Sid,after he had taken his gun out of its holster and quickly aimed it at Veronica."LIKE THIS!"

And after he had fired his gun at Veronica and hit her in the chest,a CHP helicopter had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and one of the cops had picked up a bull horn and said,"This is the California Highway Patrol!You're under arrest!Throw down your weapon and put your hands behind your head!"

But instead of doing that,Sid has decided to get himself out of there by running as fast as he possibly could,only to have the CHP helicopter pursue him down the beach--and then,as soon as they were both out of sight,David had ran over to Veronica,kneeled down and asked,"Are you okay,Ronnie?"

"You better believe I am.",answered Veronica,after she had unzipped her jacket and removed the bullet proof vest with ketchup packets taped on it."So,now that we've gotten rid of that schmuck,what should we do now?"

And then,after he had allowed a smile to appear on his lips,David has helped Veronica get back on her feet and said,"Why don't we take ourselves and our little friend to a place where it's warm and peaceful?"

"We're both all for that.",answered a smiling Veronica,after she had taken the diamond scarab out of the pocket on her baseball cap.

Meanwhile,after Sid had given his CHP pursuers the slip,he had opened the plain brown package with a smile of devilish glee on his face,only to discover that there was nothing inside the box except a small piece of paper which said,'Go to Hell,you stupid jerk!'

And after he had read that,an enraged Sid had thrown the box towards a bunch of large rocks,raised his fists in the air and yelled at the top of his lungs,"YOU STINKING LOUSY WITCH!WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU,I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!"

As for the stinking lousy witch,she and her lover had flown with their 'little friend' to the tropical paradise of Cancun,where they had decided to live happily ever after--just David Shannon,the former student of Cleveland State University and Veronica Sterling,his little thief of hearts.