My Fallen Angel
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Once again I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I've had a
rather tough time this week, and I appreciated all the condolances that
were during that particular time of need. So thanks once again. However I
wrote another poem, and I hope you guys/gals like it. This is a poem about
love and support, and I loved the way this came out. I hope you do too. So
enjoy the show.
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Hey a mini poem. hehe.

I watched a perfect angel
Fall from his state of grace
His heart was crushed because of this
As tears fell from his face

How could a beautiful angel
Whose heart was ever so pure
I wonder what lead to him to his downfall
Of the answers, I'm not sure

It was so very hard for me
To see a an angel suffer this way
His face was masked with so much pain
That I didn't know what to say

I really wanted to help him,
Feel joy instead of pain
I wanted to see an angel's smile
So that he'd be happy again

So I walked over to where he stood
As he cried into his hands
He tried to hide his grief from me
As if I wouldn't understand

I took another bolder step
While he tried flying without wings
I only wanted to give him support
And the comfort that it brings

I pulled his face into my hands
And forced him to look at me
I let him know that I'd be there
In his time of need

I offered him my shoulder
To which he did accept
He cried until his tears dried up
Of this I have no regrets

Once his misery was over
He looked into my eyes
He had a calm look on his face
With a hint of sweet surprise

He started to ask me a question
And my heart began to race
"Why would you help one such as I,
An angel whose fallen from grace.

Tell me what's your purpose,
To help someone like me
You should leave immediately
And please just let me be

I gave him a gentle smile
And said "Yes you've fallen from grace
You'll need my help to mend your broken wings
So you can get back to your rightful place"

He shook his head in disbelief
And said that he wasn't that strong
I promised to help him make it through
So he could get back to where he belonged