By Shiroi Hikari

Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

I lift my face to the Wind,

As it slowly caresses my cheek.

It whips my hair around

Like the leaves it tows.

I sigh and dance through

The leaves that circle around me.

I laugh and smile happily,

The Wind swirling around my body.

I tumble to the ground,

Rolling through the grassy fields.

A dog's bark carries through the wind,

And into my ear.

It urges me to come home,

As it is getting late.

I sit up and stare out into the sunset,

Not listening to the dog.

But soon the Wind joins with the dog,

And requests that I go home.

A family is waiting for me,

Dinner is ready.

I slowly stumble up,

The Wind helping me along.

And then we head home,

The Wind and I,

For tomorrow is a new day that we can play.