[A/N:  You have most probably heard of foursquare, correct?  There is a part of it called 'story time'.  Everyone sits down, and the Queen/King says a word, then the next person says a word, and the third person etc., but they have to make sense grammatically and they have to tell a story.  For example, the Queen says ONCE, the joker says there, the knight says was and the princess says a.  Now you have "ONCE there was a…,"etc.  Well Earthsong12, Queen of the Dragons, Earthsong12's siblings and I were playing foursquare last week and Queen of Dragons had us do 'story time'.  It was hilarious!  So we decided to write it down next time.  The only problem is that the fist one is way better than the second, and there are some references in the second to things in the first one.  When you come to a mark that looks like this (1), that means that we thought you might be confused so we explained it at the bottom of the page.  Either you can go straight to the explanation, or you can keep reading and find out at the end.  Enjoy!

A/N #2:  The first authors' note really was written the week after the game, this was typed up and uploaded a few months after that.  PLEASE don't do anything anyone would regret later, and that includes you, Earthie and Queenie!]



Pickles are green.  They taste disgusting and I hate them!  My dad actually likes pickle juice with catsup.  Onions make for yummy dressing for salad!  However atmosphere disturbances are made with pickles and onions without any problems or monkeys.  Clouds taste cottoncandy-like.  Schnorkel is very cloud-like but it is a potato pie period.  The pickle isn't ADHD because it isn't my brother Schnorkel!  Hyperactive people are my favorite kind of flowers; they smell delicious like my nose which has been warty and tastes disgusting but I dislike you!  Shoes look unlike rubber which taste cottoncandy-like.  Pencils look king-like but Schnorkel attacks them because he dislikes me and he destroys Discworld.  Oooh have you tasted monkeys?  Schnorkel hasn't yet eaten but he happens to be stupid.  Sam isn't smart like Earthsong12 and Queen of the Dragons, and Schnorkel!  Aspiring Author isn't Schnorkel but she likes Aspiring Author and Queen of the Dragons who blinks like she can read but she hates to read however Sam doesn't hate me?  Why do Earthsong12 and Schnorkel consume discs (1) and lighter appendages like Sam's blender witch.  That wasn't holey enough to disintegrate Mar's cheese: Yikes, Yowza!


(1):  Discs, and Discworld, and monkeys, and kings are all part of the first storytime.  Here is the basic plot, which won't seem very funny as I can't remember it much:  A monkey king the Capturer…who's king of a world but not Discworld…he only eats disc on Mondays…Eats a disc on Thursday so he dies…something about a deathbed and sheets in his mouth… I dunno.  Just read it, and if we get around to playing foursquare again and do storytime, maybe we will tape record it so we can forget about writing it and it will be a lot funnier.  But don't count on that happening any time soon!