**Poetry isn't my big thing, but I thought my closest friend ever deserved
a poem.**

I stare into the stars
Thinking of you
Of how you have saved me
So many times
How you have listened
And comforted
When I needed it most.
You have been here for me
When I have not been my best
You have laughed with me
When I needed to laugh.
You have been there
At my side
Or on the phone
Late at night
Early in the morning
Never a questioned asked.
You mean so much to me
Without you, I am not whole
I can count on you
To be here for me.
If you were to go
I would not know
What to do
How to be
Who to talk to.
So many times
I have talked to you in tears
And so many times
You have made seem better
Remember how much
You mean to me
And how much
I appreciate you.
When I stare at the night sky
Full of darkness
I know you are there
If I need you.

**Sorry Bek that this is such a bad poem. Words can't quite explain it, but
you know.**