A/N:  This was something that I wrote earlier tonight; after getting my own 'crimson kiss.'  It's basically how I'm feeling at the moment; so go easy on me in reviewing.  Some of this may be a bit triggering to those that go through; or have been through the same thing- so be careful as you go in and read.  But, as always, leave me some love.  I'd appreciate it. ^-^

DISCLAIMER:  This is my poem; and my feelings. I refuse to hold back any longer.  If you can't deal with my emotions at the current time; then please- go to one of my lighter works.  If you can, then carry on.  ^-^ Please don't use any of this without my consent.  Thanks, and enjoy!  3

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A climb to the summit
Is met with a storm
A wave from a blade
A crimson kiss, warm

Each slice makes me tremble
Cry out in my pain
But I keep on going
To reach that one plain

I hear you calling out
For me to not fall
To stop and be healed
Yet I will not surrender my all

This river of crimson
Flows out before me
I swim to the surface
To set myself free

Slowly I sink
Drowning in strife
I gasp out for air
But become one with the knife

A moment, a swipe
And a red line takes place
A smile of release wipes
The tears from my face

I know I am drowning
No matter how hard I climb
The summit grows taller
I fear for my time

I don't wish to kill
But to simply release
The darkness inside me
That's tearing me piece by piece

I know it returns
It always does and will
Yet I go back for more
Of my deep, stinging thrill

The night winds to soothe me
The stars watch me sleep
A smirk to the heavens
At the sin that I keep

A secret that no one
But me and some know
For a dark type of healing
A spirit to grow

To bask in a world
Of an undying, dark bliss
I reach for the solace
Of a sweet, crimson kiss...

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