Burning down the bridges linked to your painful past,
Glad to know that your torment is easing,
Burning away like the wood of your bridges.

Fire, fire, fire
Consuming the hurt and the pain linked to your mistakes,
Her mistakes.
Stand on the opposite bank, look back across,
The raging river of time, of life,
Of all your memories.
One bridge remains between me and you,
A bridge of roses with thorns sharp as lies,
Of dew formed by the tears we continually cry.
A bridge of our promises to be there forever,
A bridge of the torment,
The suffering,
And the undying understanding.

Fire, fire, fire
Burning within us two,
As we seek to feed a starving loneliness within the soul,
To heal our bleeding hearts,
To dam our constant tears,
Bursting forth in dark black flames of hurt,
And lies.
Flames dance within my overflowing eyes,
Watching your flames burn across our bridge.
No way across,
No way back,
No chance to say I'm sorry,
For using you like a band aid to stop my inner wounds,
For hurting you with my love,
For failing to open your eyes,
To what I see.

Fire, fire, fire
Burning down the bridges you don't need,
And in your hurt and confusion,
Burning down the bridge,
Linking your heart
With mine.