Shadowed eyes, shadowed heart,
Swimming behind the love in your eyes,
Lingering under your feather soft touch,
Poisoning your kiss.
I let you ease my inner pain,
With caresses and burning love.
Let you use me to patch the hole in your heart.
It's what I wanted, right?
To feel you kiss me once again,
Upon my soft wet lips,
To feel your touch against my skin?
The longing is satisfied this night,
Or is it?
I feel a sorrow beneath it all,
I see the pain of your actions cowering in your gaze.
So I hurt you as you hurt me.
When will it ever end?
I love you, always have, always will,
Or am I the one who's blind?
Blinded by an undying love for you,
A love you claim you cannot return.
I look into those shadowed eyes,
I see your heart,
I see how much you care,
How far you'd go for me,
How much I mean to you.
I see that you love me.
Do your eyes lie to me?
Does your heart lie to me?
I know what I saw in your eyes,
I know what I felt from your heart.
If only, if only
You would open your eyes,
And see the rainbow shards and silvery wisps,
Of the dreams I hold for you.
Maybe, someday
You'll see you as I see you.
Maybe, someday
You will see through the eyes
Of Hawke.