Tiny drops of silver falling from the sky. Each its own little mirror, a tine miniature portal to worlds unknown. And I am blinded by them. Millions of drops; a makeshift curtain, fall finally to the cold pavement only to be thrown back into the air, and just for a second, time freezes. And I freeze.

The bench I sit on is my anchor, though sometimes I forget everything completely. Everything but the rain. For so many years I've tried to forget the madness that had been my previous life.

But he still lives. He still reminds me of what took place. Nicholas will never leave my memory; he will never die. And neither will I.

And the rain consumes me.

But as I sit here, alone and drowned in my most secretive thoughts, I see her. She is walking quickly, clutching to her chest a small black briefcase. Nothing is shielding her face from the tiny daggers of rain that whip at her fragile face. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail, though a few strands had gotten free and are now plastered to her forehead.

If she saw me sitting there, I do not know. But as she came into better view, I saw that her head was bowed. Was she crying? I now recognized her. She was my Vice President.

The woman was deadly, and if she felt emotion, she showed no sign. At least, not until now.

And when she came towards the bench, she stopped. She took one step back. I stood up from my bench; my anchor. To her I must have looked like a tall, dark, dangerous man. How right she would have been. But as I began to turn away from her, to walk away, I heard the tiniest voice; barely audible over the pounding of the rain.

"Ben." she had said, her voice soft, almost calming.

I was floating, lost in a sea of confusion. Where was Spike? That boy was usually always by her side. She seemed to have read my mind, and she answered my thoughts, "He's not with me, Ben."

I peered at her face as I took a step towards her. She was still looking down, her briefcase still clutched to her chest. Her small body began to shake as she tried to stifle a sob.

So she was crying.

I was thrown back into my sea of confusion; dangerous...unpredictable.

But I closed the distance between us and took her in my arms. After a moment of pure shock, she fell limp against my body. She dropped her briefcase and began to shake violently with sobs. I held her steady. I was her anchor.

We were both frozen. And then she looked up at me.

Oh, god I wish she hadn't. The softness of her gaze astonished me. It sent an electric shock throughout my body.

"Thank you...." she whispered.