Running Away In The Rain

My father shock his fists for the last time that night

and I was sick to death

of the lack

and luster

that was these on going recurrences.

I put my shoes on

grabbed my backpack.

How old was I then



I don't really remember

only that it was raining

and I was crying

and that it was time to leave all of this.

I remember his curses

as I slammed the door

and my mother

begging me to come back.

I ran across the street

and into the woods.

I wanted distance then

so I ran

until my legs burned and twitched,

my throat swelled

and became heavier.

My skin dripped with rain

but I didn't care

I was crying

yet I didn't care who saw me.

That strong girl who never smiled

was failing

and fading

into the little girl who was scared and running away from her issues

her problems

her circumstances.

I had to get away.

All thoughts left me

and I could feel the rift spreading.

I ran into Ritchey and then later Brian

but Brian was on his way.

Ritchey stayed

and held my hand.

I was a mess

but he understood what it was to be desperate

enough to go out in this kind of weather.

"Who are you?"

He asked me.

I had known moments before,

but now

I had no idea.

"Who are you?"

He asked again

but still I was silent

behind my watery eyes.

"I know-"

he said-

"your the strongest person that I've ever known."