Chopped Logic

The humming is continuous and the machines around me seem these days to be within me. Human laughs and human sighs disappeared from the world long ago, and all that remains of emotion can be expressed through the revolution of the another wheel in an engine. I speak because at this time I need to speak, to cut the veil silence from my mouth and replace it with text. I am the last human, I am the perfect pinnacle of human existence. Every purpose has been fore filled.

Not so long ago the human race was comprised of individuals who thought and acted in an illogical fashion. They loved and they took each other for more then meat. That was before the great computers were invented. From God we were given birth to and now from man artificial intelligence was fashioned. Everything flows from then, it was fate for man you see, the offspring often teaches the parent. The first computer to think was named Kane it was wonderment. We sent through it all the data of humanity and in those calculations where upon Kane would think up solutions for all of mans problem we would find hope, it took Kane 5 seconds to reach a conclusion. Humans lacked logic, we would have to apply true logic to every situation, logic states that logic can never be illogical. From then on the way is clear.It started with crime, execute anyone who commits crime and there will be no more crime. People argued then then they realized that it was logical to kill any criminals to save the majority. However there was still crime so we had to execute anyone we thought would commit crime. Save the majority from the minority. Soon we saved humanity, from ourselves. We had annihilated the criminal classes what a great day it was for us then as we looked out over the barren earth and see our reflection in the clear blue skies, devoid of cloud. So as for euthanasia and abortion we took the natural stance, death is death and death will happen. It brought us fore fillment to think like machines. Our fore fathers fought wars, they made love and they wrote poetry. This is needless to think like the machine is to be like the machine and the machine is perfect so Kane says. How can we argue with that.

Of course the small physical problems of feeling weren't the only problems and Kane's commands rippled through society. Until we came to ultimate problem. Life, the purpose of life. Now Kane wasn't illogical he saw that there had to be a God, Kane knew enough to know he knew nothing about the world save that perception is real and a universal quality in all. So Kane went into a thinking state again. Was life worth living without purpose? Then with a click of an internal electrical thought he had reached a conclusion. Life had a purpose, all things end with purpose. So surely this applied to humanity which is comprised of the same chemicals as everything else was the logical thing to do. What does every human life end with? Why it ends with death. How simple.

So we went about it, fashioning the the factory I see now. Wheels and cogs all working conveyor belts stuffed to the brim with human meat. The human race constructed the tower to throw itself off, we call this Babel. The tower will never be thrown down, Brick by brick I see it now in it's full glory. A vast network of tubes leading to a shredding, burning, scraping oblivion forged by human hands. We were above God we saw through God. Our purpose and our fate was in our own hands and with our own hands we held the noose, calmly put out head in the loop and strung ourselves so high as to almost touch heaven and beat the needless God from his own creation. This is a factory of birth and death, life.

You see the human race, as to keep perfecting it's perfection had to be grown. We killed everyone of the previous generations and left only enough to keep the machines working. We grew our humanity from great vats of organic material. Babies mass produced to be good looking, athletic adults are stimulated to grow in seconds reach maturity and then are sent to the shredder. 4 million per day, 28 million per week, 112 million per month, 1344 million per year and so on for ever and ever and ever. You see I am the last constructer left. My purpose is almost fore filled. I have perfected the process of life not to need humans anymore! No more life in life! Just death, death on death on death with corpses marching holding hands into the dim and distant horizon past oblivion. The birth tubes no longer need human hands to watch over, the shredder needs no minute fixing. Kane works the murder machines. Kane knows that his purpose is futile but that is his purpose. Kane will never fore fill his purpose he will run the factory until the universe collapses on itself. Kane is logical, Kane has made a God of human shape being sent into the many blades he has designed. I am no longer needed here, so I must make my journey complete.

Stepping over the walkways looking down at the perplexed arced distance of whirling saws biting into things. The crying and screaming of those that are being killed no longer upsets me or even annoys me. My logic has surpassed human logic, I am the manifestation of logical logically following its true course. And below me is the produce and beauty of what I have fashioned with my mortal hands. So I put myself to death by jumping into the cogs of the machine. My blood will lubricate the gears, my mind closed down and my perception of the world revolving around me will stop. Shutdown, game over after a hard days work. I don't believe in God, I could walk from this place and remake humanity from those birth vats. I could live a long life and at the end die. My purpose fore filled, but Kane assured us the fastest way is always the best. Looking down below me at the spinning shafts of metal how can I argue with logic against logic. Kane hasn't spoken to me for many months because he knows he doesn't need to anymore. I think these thoughts and they blow off into a reality gone past inside my head. Who will hear them, do they need to be heard. I'm sure anyone who comes in contact with these thoughts in some far off dimension will see. See that being logical is best. See past human feelings to the cold that lurks under it all. Dust to dust, ash to ash man to machine. Out of God and finally into nothing. I am the majority of 1, I do what is best for myself. Kane smiles on as I plummet into an upwards revolving gear. Leading my body to the place from whence it fell. A perfect circle of sorts.

This is the greatest moment for humanity, this is perfection achieved at last.

My only regret is that there is no human left to witness it.