Outer Layer

My heart is bejeweled

with the freedom of my youth

and my instinct

that has been on stop for so long

which once again has been ignited.

I see truth

down this path of self discovery

and ludicrous ebony rivers of water


and frozen

from the storms

that once lived against me like a husband.


and rivers

that I rested within

for the chill

that kept my blood flowing

and my arms full.

I love the water

its crystal magnificence

that reveals everything

yet creates a barrier between you.

I've loved these storms for so long

and so passionately

that my head aches

and dizzies

with the prospect of sun

and a mans hand in my own.

I love to hear a man speak to me

like a man should to a woman.

I worship the sound of tenderness

and longing in his voice

when he reads my poems

that I have written for him.

I ardor the feel of love

against my bones.

I am strong

and I can survive outside of these waters

baring me from the world

and the feelings that I want to feel.

I will

rest my head on something real someday.