Asking for an absolution,
Searching for an answer,
To the questions of my heart.
Do you love me?
I love you.
But you know that already,
I've told you so many times before.
I taught you what true love is,
I opened your eyes to beauty,
I pulled you from the darker path.
All out of love for you.
Something more?
What does your heart tell you?
My heart says to never let go,
To guide you,
Help you,
Show you what I see.
Rainbows in the angry clouds,
Wisps of dreams upon the winds,
Dew drops on blood red petals,
Sunsets painting evening skies,
Smiles of a child,
Twinkles in your eyes.
I've wondered, questioned, asked
Are you the one for me?
Wanted to feelings gone if the answer was no.
The feelings stay,
The love stays.
I may never understand why I'm not meant to let go,
Why I feel I'm meant to be by your side.
Seems odd,
How our feelings for each other differ,
Like the promise of morning,
The mystery of night.
We can't both be right,
Can we?
You say you are meant to be alone,
I disagree.
My heart disagrees.
With your love of mankind, how could you stand to be
With the love I see in your eyes, there is no way you could ever be
I know the true meaning of alone,
with no one by my side.
I felt I must be destined to be alone,
After all, no one loved me, right?
I'm surrounded by people who love me, who want to be with me.
People like you.
Look into my eyes, tell me . . .
What do you see?
No, please don't look away. My eyes will never harm you.
Look not just with your eyes, but your heart as well.
Do you glimpse my heart, my soul
Linked to you?
Stop backing away.
Stop being afraid of what it means to love me.
Love is blind,
Love hurts,
Love heals.
I understand it, do you?
A game of give and take.
Give what you can, receive what you deserve.
And what do you deserve?
My love, my heart, my care.
Don't think you do not deserve it,
You do.
More than anyone.
Wake up from the nightmare,
Open your tear filled eyes,
And embrace the dream.