I'm seeing red as I'm turning
Black and bruised in front of you
Green is key and I'm hoping
All the power caves in on you
If looks could harm you'd be hurting now
If they killed you'd be burning down
I see anything and everything
On and off and out of the blue

Hello there am I barging in
On anything important to you
I don't care I just said that
So my other side could sneak up on you
This is where I'll be deserting now
With the shadows you're flirting now
Real tempting, condescending
But I should tell you you ain't got a clue

Stop acting so melodramatic
Face up to the fact that we're not gonna land it
We tried our best but best was a little short handed

So pick up and move on
Assemble the pieces
Tell yourself why you're still
Lie to yourself say that you're
Say that this is what
We wanted
Even though this is what's haunted us from the

It's just like the ending of everything
It's just like it ends with perfection
It's just an illusion
It's just a distraction