Everyone woke up from their sleepover. Kinn yawned. She turned her head and noticed Christy had a saw stuck in her heart. Blood was all over the tree fort. "OH NO! Christy made my tree fort all messy!" Kinn screamed. "It's not that bad!" Mark said. "Ya! We'll just clean it up!" Jason said. They started mopping the floors. They threw Christy out the tree fort window. "Let's use Windex!" Carl yelled. He took out the Windex and started spraying it. "YAY! It's clean!" Kinn yelled happily.

The five friends went to the arcade. Mark saw a game called, Pacman Nerd. "Pacman! What have they done to you?!?!?!?" Mark screamed. Carl was playing a game called, Poop Escape. Kinn was playing one called, The Invasion of the Nerds. Ted was playing one called, The Invasion of the Nerds 2: The Attack of Jimmy the Nerd. Jason was playing one called, How to get Dressed.

"Hey guys! Wanna go pull pranks on nerds?" Kinn asked. "YEAH!" they all said. They went to the library and saw a nerd. This nerd had an acne problem and he wore glasses and braces. (No offence to you people who look like that!) They went up to him. "Hey you! Your shoe is untied!" Ted said. The nerd looked at his shoe and Ted gave him a wedgie. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" they all laughed. "WAHAHA!" the nerd sobbed.

The five friends walked out of the library. Jacko walked in. He walked up to the nerd. "Hello, I am Jacko Brukinbrackasba and I will make you be cool, if you can do me a favour!" Jacko said to the nerd. "What kind of favour?" the nerd asked. "I need you to kill Jason Ray!"

Mark and Jason were at home watching cartoons and eating popcorn. "I love this cartoon!" Jason said. They were watching The Simpsons. The show ended. "AWWWWW!" Mark said. "Wait a minute..." Jason said. The Simpsons music starts. "Yes! Theres another episode!"

"So, how should I kill him?" the nerd asked. "I donno, make up something!" Jacko said. "YES SIR!" the nerd said. "Why are you doing that in uppercase letters?" Jacko asked. "I donno, don't ask me!" the nerd replied.

Mark and Jason were skateboarding outside. The nerd was walking up to them. "How should I kill him, I know! I'll fart in his face, so he faints, than I'll take a butter knife and stab him!" the nerd thought. He went up to Jason. "Hey Jason, your shoes untied!" the nerd said. The nerd farted in Jason's face, Jason fell to the ground. The nerd took out a knife and stabbed Jason. "NOOOOOOO! I'm gonna kill myself on the next chapter!" Mark screamed.

This chapter shows you that nerds can kill too.