Ode to the Fangirl By: OtakuSailorV

Chapter 1: So, You're a Fangirl

The fangirl: a seemingly misunderstood beast that is shunned by many as a rabid creature of the shadows.

No matter what kind of fangirl you are, whether of a series, a genre, a single character, or a group of character, you will resort to anything to get your fix. You often fantasize about what it is like to meet with those that you have idolized.

Now, don't be afraid to admit it, there's a bit of fangirl in all of us. Or, well, fanboy. But that's beside the point.

The point is that you are a rabid fan that cannot be stopped easily. You will to anything practically to get what you want.

And your greatest dream is to meet those that are both the victim and the icon of your fandom.

But. . .do you think that your dreams and fantasies, no matter how much you've rationalized them, will really be like you wanted them to?

Will they really come and sweep you off your feet? Will they really notice your beauty or charm right away?

Will they be all they're cracked up to be?


The loud scream of delight rang throughout the room.

Everyone in the vacinity plugged their ears, dropping whatever they were holding in their hurry to save themselves from the high-pitched cry.

"Shhh! Kanari, shut up!" A brown-haired girl cried, cupping her hand over her friends' mouth.

"I can't help it, Ami. I'm just so happy that they have a doll of him!!" The girl hissed in a low voice, clutching the doll close to her as she beamed brightly.

Ami sighed as another girl came over to them.

"Hey, you found it I see." She joked with Kanari. "Can I see it?"

Kanari pulled away suddenly, her smile faltering. "Uh, no."

Ami rolled her eyes. "Kai, you know Kanari's a total fangirl when it comes to this guy. She'd tear the dolls head off before she'd let you touch it."

Kanari's eyes grew wide and she gave them both a horrified look as she held the doll tighter. "W-what?! Tear it's head off?! I can't do that to my beautiful Shirushi!!"

Kaiand Ami exchanged looks. "Ok, I don't care who you are, that's just deranged. Kanari, you need serious help, girl. He's just a freakin' cartoon."

Kanari made a face at them, clutching the doll as she marched to the cash register. "I do not need help, I'm perfectly fine." She retorted.

Kaiand Ami sighed in unison and walked after her. "At least try to calm down about it, Kanari. We understand that you like him and the show a lot, but it's ridiculous how much your in love with that guy."

Kanari seemed displeased still as the man at the register rung her up and took her money. "That's not true. I am not as obsessed as you say I am."

Kaiwaited until they had left the store to get her revenge. "Kanari, the doll has a string loose."

Kanari gasped and her hand dove into the bag, grasping the doll and pulling it swiftly from it's place. Frantically, she searched him for the supposed loose string. "Where, Gin, where?!"

Gin stifled a laugh at her.

Kanari immediately stopped as she caught on to what was happening. Glaring, she placed her Shirushi doll back into it's bag and turned away from them both, stomping toward her house.

Silently, the two girls watched her go, stunned at her reaction to Kai's joke.

Kanari slammed the door tightly behind her, angry with her friends.

They always seemed to get in fights over the show lately, and it was starting to irritate her. She wasn't really a fangirl like they said was she?

Pondering this, she flipped off her shoes and went up to her room before anyone came to see who had entered through the door.

"Die you bastard!!"

Shirushi jumped out of the way of the blast that ripped up the ground below him like it were cardboard.

"Tch. You missed again, child." He taunted as he landed safely out of the reach of the enraged blond haired man that he was battling.

"Shut up! I'm gonna kill you!!" Growled the boy, swinging his weapon wildly and sending a barrage of wild attacks at the villain.

Shirushi dodged them all with ease before getting very close to the boy's face, watching them fill with angered fear. "You're going to kill me for what. . .Kyodai?"

Kyodai twitched, coming out of his daze, and quickly swung at Shirushi's head.

"I'll kill you Shirushi! I'm going to destroy you for what you've done to the princess' beautiful kingdom!! I'll kill you for all the blood and destruction you've left in your wake!" He proclaimed, lifting the sword slowly.

Shirushi watched with interest. The boy was mangled and bloody himself, barely able to stand from his wounds, while Shirushi was almost unscathed, a single line of blood running down the side of his head and matting his black hair. Shirushi had to admit he was stunned that the boy was so determined.

"Shirushi!!" He cried as his sword glowed bright suddenly.

Shirushi's blinked against the sudden burst of light, shielding his eyes with one arm.

'What's the brat doing?'

"Die you bastard!!!!"

Shirushi gasped as the blast came toward him. A large beam of sharp light detaching itself from the sword and sailing toward him at a tremendous speed. He had very little time to calculate and react.

Raising his own sleek sword, he decided to meet the blast head on, since escape didn't seem likely.

"Ugh. . ." He groaned as the blast hit hard against his blade, pushing him back.

His heels bit into the rock and dirt, making a loud scraping noise as he tried to withstand the energy. "Damn."

He cursed under his breath; teeth grit tightly as he continued to be pushed back.

Finally, tightening his already firm grip on the hilt of his sword, he pushed his weight and strength forward, and managed to gain an inch.

Shirushi smirked, sweat and blood mixing and running down the side of his face as he continued to push the blast back at Kyodai.

He had almost completely regained his ground when he tossed the ball of energy aside, pleased with himself.

He gasped for air slightly and turned to smirk at Kyodai when he found that the boy was gone. His eyes widened in sudden shock.


Pain lashed through his whole body, sending hid mind into temporary shock. Suddenly before him had appeared Kyodai, and now he had a sword plunged into him.

His own blade had fallen out of his hand in his shock, something he was regretting.

Slowly, his knees buckled, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. "Gg. . ."

He grit his teeth, coming out of his painful shock finally.

Kyodai pulled his blade from the dark haired man, smirking to himself. "It's over Shirushi, give up."

Shirushi growled angrily, getting up off his knees, dirt and blood coating his attire and body as he picked up his sword again. "I will not give up to you. . .Kyodai. . .not today. . ."

Both were gasping for breath, blood covering their battlefield.

"Well I'm not giving up until I see you dead, you bastard." Kyodai smirked, wiping away a trickle of blood with the back of his hand.

Shirushi smirked back, raising his blade one final time at his adversary. "Come at me then, if you can."

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