Ode to the Fangirl By: OtakuSailorV

Chapter 14:: Not to Be

Shirushi watched as Kanari stormed away from him, stubborn tears in her eyes. This was a total nightmare for her. Why was this happening to her? She'd thought that having her deepest fangirl wish granted would be great, but all it had brought her so far was trouble! Hot tears stung at the edges of her eyes, why couldn't he just leave her alone now? Why wouldn't he just go away?

Frowning, Shirushi turned away, adjusting the swords at his belt as he looked out one of the kitchen windows at the pale blue sky. This was not good, not good at all. Something bad was coming toward this place and he had upset Kanari…just perfect, what had he even done? He didn't understand how she could not comprehend the danger she was causing her family by staying here…

Maybe it wasn't her that was causing the trouble to come toward this place…Shirushi's eyes narrowed as he looked down at his swords. No…he would not be the cause of another innocents death…

Walking forward, he pressed a hand to the glass of the window and found that his hand slipped right through. Looking back only once, he steeled himself for battle and slipped the rest of the way through the wall to Kanari's back yard.

Kanari fell face first into her bed, closing her eyes and taking in long, deep breaths to calm herself down. It really hadn't been anything to get that upset about, now was it? Shirushi was only trying to protect her, but how could she leave her family behind on just some whim of his? Why didn't he just go out and beat the monster or whatever it was himself anyway if it was so bad?

Her mind grew sleepy, her thoughts becoming as heavy as her eyelids as she lie sprawled across her bed. Her angry brows were still knitted together as she rolled over on her side, planning to give Shirushi what for as soon as she had finished resting. She'd just close her eyes for a few minutes and…

Shirushi had gone only a few miles from Kanari's house in a matter of a few minutes with his speed, and already he could tell that the danger was indeed being drawn towards him. So, they were coming to deal with him were they? His eyes moved about rapidly, surveying the scene before him thoughtfully. He had reached what he supposed must be land reserved for farming. It was amazing how much the scenery had changed in those few miles…This world truly was strange…

Hopefully, this place would be secluded enough from Kanari and her people in case he should have to do battle with whoever these intruders were. Loosening his blade in its sheath, he slid it out slowly, looking it over. He had taken care of it as best as he could in this world, but some of the necessary tools needed for cleaning a sword were not commonly found in this world, so he was unsure as to how it would perform.

Well, he'd just have to hope for the best, he decided as he sheathed the sword once more.

Kyodai fidgeted in his seat as they got continually closer to the green and blue ball hung suspended in space before them. Here, this was the place where Shirushi was hiding, scheming, plotting…This was the place his wretched soul had escaped to after their last encounter. Kyodai did not understand why the higher powers had allowed such a thing to happen, but he left most matters of that manner to the more intellectual Surudoi anyway.

Kuroneko and the others seemed to sense Kyodai's rising anticipation as well. The were-cat's large yellow eyes took in the blue orb and studied it with a kind of tenacious curiosity while Surudoi read feverishly about the planet and its inhabitants.

"It says here that the people on this planet are rather primitive, so we'll have to be careful of provoking them," he said as he adjusted some knobs on the dashboard.

"Aye," Kizuato nodded. "You've already told us that."

Surudoi looked up at the burly man, fixing his glasses in embarrassment. "Ah! I have? I'm sorry," he apologized before burying his nose in the book again.

Kizuato and Kuroneko exchanged sidelong glances and a brief chuckle at the miniature sorcerer.

A sudden jerk and a rumble, the ship lurched for a moment or two, nearly giving those aboard a nasty case of whiplash. Kuroneko let out a yowl of surprise as Kyodai yelled angrily. Kizuato held tight to his seat with his two mighty hands as Surudoi flung himself at the controls hurriedly, yelling above the noise of the ship that everything was alright.

"We've just entered the atmosphere," he proclaimed, with a hint of joy to his tone. "We'll be landing in less than ten minutes."

Kyodai look down, clutching his sword tightly in one hand as he frowned. He would save that girl and her world from the scourge of Shirushi if it were the last thing he did…

Kanari flinched awake, her eyes darted about, taking in her room piece by piece wildly until she eventually calmed. Sitting up, she put one hand to her head as she went in search of aspirin. She'd had a horrible dream- that Shirushi had gone away somewhere and hadn't come back. And when she'd gone to find him, he was dead. She shook her head as she looked out her window and studied her backyard thoughtfully.

"Shiru-chan," Kanari called, testing out a new nickname for him. There was no reply. Usually he came right away when she called. She shrugged. Maybe he was watching Gin fiddle with his remote controlled cars again…

She walked downstairs and found Gin in the living room, watching TV by himself. She opened her mouth to ask him if he had seen Shirushi and quickly shut it again, remembering she was the only one that could see him.

Gin noticed her looking around the room and raised an eyebrow at her. "What're you looking for?"

Kanari didn't make eye contact. "Nothing," she replied simply and left the room again.

Her brother rolled his eyes at her back. "Whatever."

Kanari checked every room, calling out for Shirushi, but to no avail. He just wouldn't answer. She began to grow worried after she had finished checking all of the rooms over again. This wasn't like him…why would he do this? Her dream came to mind again and she began to panic, wondering if it had not been a dream after all. Maybe he had really left her to confront that 'danger' and gotten himself killed…

Her fangirl heart broke at the thought. No! He couldn't be dead, not because of her! But what could she do about it? She didn't know where he had gone, and she certainly wasn't strong enough to take on any enemy that would dare challenge him. This was just like in that fanfic she wrote…she stopped. Yes, just like in the fanfic she wrote. In the fanfic he had gone to an open place to avoid interference during a battle. Yes! Now, where was there an open place nearby?

She sat pondering for a moment before it struck her. Yes! Exactly! Why hadn't she thought of it before? Snatching up her jacket, she ran to the front door. "I'm going to ride my bike for a bit, bye!" she called to Gin, who simply stared at her in bewilderment from the couch.

Slamming the door behind her, she pulled her bike out of the garage and hopped on, pedaling as hard as she could.

Since the authoress had forgotten to update her original fiction for over a year, time stood still, but Kanari pedaled onward gallantly. Naturally it would have taken any other human hours to ride their bike as far as Kanari was, but not only was this a work of pure fiction, but also a work of manga fiction. So with just a few panels and some random background scene changes, Kanari had reached her destination in nearly no time at all and with limited exertion on her part.

The bike crashed to the ground as she tossed it down and ran the rest of the way, somehow knowing exactly where to find Shirushi despite the huge size of the area. Had he even come here in the first place? What if she had guessed wrong and he had not come here at all? Would she have to call upon the omnipresent powers of the authoress? Or would the authoress simply delay the release of this chapter longer and thus grant her more time to search before the story ever progressed further? The suspense was killing her, though not really because then the story would be over and the readers would be really upset with such a crappy ending.

Crashing through bushes, she shoved aside a low-hanging tree limb and flew headlong right into a pond that had been hidden from her view. She cursed as she spat out pond water, gagging at the taste of the scummy water. She stormed to her feet again, ignoring the new discomfort of her wet socks and soaked shoes.

Kanari's clothes clung to her now and the nasty smell of the stagnant pond water followed her no matter how fast she moved. Grumbling, she snatched at a tree limb and shredded the leaves in her frustration. She was gonna give Shirushi what-for for this.

She wasn't far away now, she was sure.

Kyodai's team flinched back to reality as one, their craft surging in mid-air as they came closer to the ground at last. For what seemed like over a year they felt like they were hovering in mid-air, unable to land or progress any further until just that second. The sudden ability to move startled them all about as much as their realization earlier that they had been rendered immobile had been.

"What in bloody hell was that?" Kizuato looked pointedly at Surudoi. "Some of your bloody sorcery gone amiss again, ye magical scoundrel?"

Surudoi narrowed his eyes at the great burly man's stone-etched face, frowning as he shoved his glasses roughly back onto his own face. "It's no fault of mine you great hulking brute! I have no idea what that was, for it was surely not another jolt from entering the atmosphere, the ship had already adjusted by the time the first struck."

Kuroneko hissed, her pupils dilated in fear as she crouched tensely in her seat, claws tearing at the metal and chair padding. Her fur stood on end around the back of her neck as she shook her head wildly.

Kyodai stomped to his feet, staring at the on-coming earth below and immediately silencing the squabbling team-mates around him. His eyes were narrowed and cold and his fingers tapped the hilt of his great sword impatiently. "This is Shirushi's doing, I know it…"

The authoress hid a guilty smile as she quickly changed scenes.

"You!" Kanari pointed a finger at Shirushi's back, fire blazing in her eyes.

"You shouldn't have come," Shirushi replied in a cold tone, barely turning so that only one of his eyes viewed her approach.

Eye twitching, Kanari stomped over to his side, covered in grass, leaves, twigs and the remnants of her swim in the stagnant pond. Her breathing was hard and ragged and her mind buzzed with an impossible mixture of relief, anger, hurt and utter happiness at seeing him again. Her tongue twisted in her mouth, stopping any and all words that came to her. She didn't have the heart to scold him, nor did she have the patience to assure him that she wanted to be with him. Before her head exploded, she shut her mouth and simply ground her teeth against the inner onslaught.

After a long and painful pause, Shirushi looked sidelong at her and rubbed a finger under his nose. "You smell funny."

Kanari felt like hitting him. "…Shut up…"

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