The Maiden From England
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the month of March--and on the Eleventh day,
When a beautiful British maiden named Victoria Day
Has arrived at the American city of Los Angeles,
California to visit her father at his business
establishment,which was on its way
To becoming one of Money magazine's top ten
Companies ever been constructed and established in
The entire United States of America and that
Was making Victoria's dad happy as a cheshire cat.

Just then,while her dad was doing some business calls in
His office,Victoria had walked over to
One of the workers named Mark Weaver,who was about to
Place a large sheet of metal on a conveyer belt and
Start it up,only to have some stranger's hand
Touch him on the shoulder and cause him to
Turn quickly around and see that it was an Alex Kingston
Type beauty who had asked him to go with her on
A tour of one of her father's latest business ventures,
Which was a luxury hotel that was sure
To become one of the many tourist attractions
In the entire California history.

And after he had agreed to go to the Tolstory
Hotel with her,Mark asked his best friend,
Jerry Lynde to take over his job and bend
The metal for him,while he was going to see
The hotel with the maiden from England.

Just then,after they've reached the hotel and
walked into the main lobby,a smiling Mark
Said,"This place makes New York's Central Park
Look like a small backyard with a lemonade stand."

But then,after she had gotten him up to her room,
Victoria had walked slowly across the bedroom
Area,wrapped her arms around Frank and kissed
Him on the lips,while realizing that she had missed
The pure erotic embrace that she was feeling in that room.

And while Frank and Victoria were enjoying their moment
Of pure erotica,her father had gotten worried and sent
Jerry over to the Tolstory to make sure that she was behaving
Herself,only to have his lower jaw drop down after seeing
Frank and Victoria in the aftermath of their erotic moment.