As perfect as it seems
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another poem for ya. This poem seems to be about a portrait, but
it's really about a relationship where the woman thinks the romance is
perfect, but the man doesn't. Miscommunication? Perhaps?

I painted a perfect picture
But unbeknownst to me, it had flaws
The once beautiful portrait
Wasn't nearly perfect at all

I thought that it was perfect
It was perfection to my eyes
But here you come to ruin my image
Complete with all your lies

You told me that it was imperfect
The art didn't mean a thing
I was crushed down without a thought
Now that was cruel and mean

How can you absolutely ruin
Something I thought was so right
Now I'm constantly doubting myself
And my heart's lost in the fight

So now you want me to throw away
Something that I worked so hard for
You want me to rip the picture to pieces
To ruin something that I adore

Well I'm sorry, I can't do that
This is still my creation
To you it may have it's flaws
But to me, it's sheer perfection

But I'll give the picture a touch up
If that's what you want me to do
But I refuse to start all over again
Just to pacify you

If you want to help me out
Then we'll change this picture tonight
Together we can do this
And make this portrait right.