Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: This is a totally different style, and it has no rhyming scheme. This
poem deals more with emotions. So enjoy.

I stand there in the doorway
The tears are falling
My heart is breaking now

As you yell at me

I try to get the courage
To turn away
and leave it all behind

Cant you see

What you're doing to me

I get so lost
That I can't hold on
to this fantasy
You're not right for me
As I leave you behind
As I go far away
There is something
You should know
That I'm letting go

And I'm hurting
I'm letting go
And you should know

I open up the door
and walk on out
As the tears fall

I shudder
I cry
And I'm angry

But most of all

I'm free
Even though I don't want to be

And I'm torn