Clipped wing

I clipped your wings
And watched you flap in vain
Throwing yourself into the sky
Just to plummet to the earth below
And there you lay
Bleeding this mortal blood
Crying with mortal tears

Yet you look down on me
On my lifestyle
On my loves
On my fears
On my wings that have never borne me aloft
On every thing I hold dear

So now those broken wings
Are useless things
Trailing behind you in the mud
Gathering twigs and grass and trash
Scattering them in your wake
Making a spectacle of your waking self
While haunting you in dreams
And still it seems
You have yet to come to terms with fate
And realize that you ,like I
Are but a mortal soul
Not made to be above the world
But subject the changes
To the thoughts in your mind
To the words on your tongue
To the actions you take
Till last the setting of the sun
Reveals a life worth hanging onto
Worth the pains it takes to fly
Worth the triumph of this earthly sky
To lift free of this earth and float away

I clipped your wings
And watched you flap in vain
Smiling at the evils of my heart
The vileness of my tongue
As I deride your every move
As you once did
And yet you continue to fly