Chamber Music or Me here broken

Knowing all love has left me here broken
Bleeding my souls worth onto these ivory keys
Whose melancholy sound lifts the eyes
if not the hearts of those who hear

Wondering who or which possessed being
sits now by some lonely fire high above the eaves
and tickles these long cold planks
with deft fingers heavy with some burdensome past
weighed by some harsh consciousness

And then comes the bells
tolling the hour from many a steepled roof
or dark corner in dusty parlors crowded with brick-a-brac
whose forlone kneeling of the hour
whose careful record of the moments of our lives
a reminder of our short time here
knowing that we do not know
that we do not take into consideration our mortality
our physical half-life

whilst I ignore the pain in my stiff fingers
now staining theses perfect keys red
not stumbling over themselves
dropping the tune...
loosing the refrain...

the beat has been broken
the song in my heart is lost