Sketches in the skin

In memory of
Viola 'Scarflower' Grey
Eric Tony Campbell
Tasia Lashira Ifel (where ever you may be)
And the child I used to be

Its been years since I ve seen that smile
Those smoky eyes a flare with fire
Flowers tangled in you're hair
And you there grinning elfishly
Tracing patterns in the air

Songs from the heart on that cello
Those fingers dancing with the wand

Remember the time we went together
To the nursing home and played
You with your music to soothe the mind
And my words to dull the pain
And how those old ones seemed to come alive again

Then Eic was gone
And we suffered dearly
Our trio now only two
Because before him went Tasia
And we three didn't know what to do

Even now my heart cries out
When I think back on those days
The memories have grown dim to me
As if seen through summer haze
But in my heart you live forever
Scarflower Eric and Tase

I can see you as if standing here
Those eyes a shine with tears
I can feel the touch of your warm hug
Firm though paper thin
And I remember when you carved it there
That rose deep in my skin

I can see it now though faded
By time sickness and age
But the pattern still lingers there
A rose trapped in a cage

If I knew then what these flowers meant
Id never take the oath
If I new then the loneliness
That plagues me heart and soul
Id stop the cutting of my skin
Id throw the blade away
But we were young and ignorant
All four were marked that day

And I the only one left to bear
The pressures of this mark
Am I the only friend to see
That scars drew us apart
Tasia's carried her who knows where
Eric who knows how far
Viola you were always here
But yet you seemed so far

The secrets brewed
The friendships faded
And soon all hope was lost
The news I heard when Eric died
All came at a cost

And you Viola whose arms were marked
Whose scars were plain as day
You whose friendship I still craved
You drifted further every day
I saw the sickness brewing there
On razor edged lines
I saw the markings in your skin
Those beautiful flesh carved vines
The thorns you drew while pressing down
The petals red as blood
The roses which bloomed from you skin
While tears seeped from my heart

So all alone now
Here I weep
At gravesite long gone cold
Not beneath the earth you lay
Though it may be true
But in my heart your headstones bleed
And pain once old flows new