Life staring into the eyes of another
Makes one wonder how they live
Cold eyes will stare back if one looked into mine
Lie broken on the ground
A life with no meaning

One drive in this country; sex
Escape into dream worlds
Poison your minds with endless nothings
Live a life not of this world
Your opposite or really you

Ruthless some minds
Others crying out for life with meaning
Nothings run thru my head
Distract me from the world outside
Then cry on the inside

Pushing buttons on a controller
One drive; kill or be killed
I write on computer screen paper
Out to a world of strangers to me
Passion to write

Driven like a mad man speeding on a highway
His motive is nothing except speed
Honor is a backbone no one uses
Pride in the way
Spineless creatures kill with no honor

Cynical is my motive on this piece
So sue me