Harmonies resonate against the soul
Listening to the melodious drip of sadness upon beauty
Hearing beauty's metallic ring echo within the heart
Symphonies of nostalgia drenched with bitter sweetness
It thickness pours over the soul, drenching it with emotion
And it can still be heard within

Wrapping thickly woven memories around you to keep warm
The cold nips at your toes and at your fingers and nose
The sharp teeth of sorrow reminding you that you are alive
The dull coldness of the past is present as well, all around you
It seeps into your pores and changes you
Thinking upon the past you ache with the chill of your thoughts
Nothing can be changed and nothing bettered
Tired aching seeps deeper and deeper
But before you there is a fire
Holding out your hands to the warmth
As the cold becomes numbness it begins to sting
Letting go of all the coldness and embracing the warmth
Acceptance stings your hand and they tingle strongly
As you begin to feel again.