"My New House" by: Catherine Abellanosa August 18, 2003 {Narration} [Basing on Karen Orayan's experience]

There's really something about our new house that really makes me shiver. Sure enough, it was newly built and an ideal one to live in. but the truth is, I don't like it. When I brought my friends over, they said our house was cool but I felt the opposite. It's like there's something eerie in the place. Then one night, I was left alone in the house because my parents were away while my siblings were at their friend's house. I had nothing to do so I decided to play Play station. I was so engrossed with the game because I was already at the most thrilling part of the game. But then, I felt a pair of eyes behind and staring at me. I paused the game then turned, but saw no one there. I placed the controller on the floor and walked around the house, that was when I noticed that the door to my brother's bedroom was open. As I stood to close it, it suddenly closed by itself with a BANG! The hairs on my skin were already raising and I could feel a cold shiver run down my spine. "Who could've done that?" I asked myself, "There's no wind, not even a breeze!' already scared, I took out a baseball bat, took deep breaths before opening my brother's door. I thought that a burglar had entered the house but then, no one was there! I entered the room and inspected, but still, no one was there. But as I returned to the living room, I saw a girl about my age in a white funeral gown standing in front of the television. I was rooted to where I was standing. It couldn't be! There's a ghost in our house! Then suddenly, she turned to me. And when I saw her face, ii screamed out loud, then she vanished right in front of me. When my parents arrived, they found me sitting 90 degrees on the sofa. They asked what happened to me but I wouldn't reply. At around midnight, I was trying to get some sleep when I heard whispers from my brother's door. I went out of my room and stood in front of his door. I could hear his voice and another unfamiliar voice would reply. There was a little hole on his door and out of curiosity, I peeped. My eyes widened when I saw him sitting on his bed and talking to the ghost I saw earlier! "Why did you scare my sister?" he asked "She just screamed when she saw me," was the ghost's reply Oh my god! Then everything went black. The next day, my parents found me outside my brother's room sleeping.