Fallen Princess, Broken Wings

My princess is a dainty thing,
With fragile heart and glass-like wings,
She sometimes travels far from home,
Yet she can't fly when she's alone.

She's fallen far, she's left my hands,
For darker places, darker lands,
I want her back, yet when I call,
She never answers me at all.

I sometimes wonder if she's near,
Or if my voice, she cannot hear,
But when I cry at night in bed,
I hear her voice inside my head.

She says my name, she sings a song,
Of broken souls and love gone wrong,
And in the darkness, in my dreams,
She silences my piercing screams.

I know my princess won't return,
She has another life to earn,
Yet if my feet should tire and ache,
I know she'll never let me break.