Liquid fire like the blood of Souls,
Burning through the sands of Time,
Turning eyes to crystal glass.
Placid, dead, unseeing eyes,
Imprisoning the blood red Tears,
Swimming, crashing behind the glass.

Burn, burn away the pain,
Burn away the hatred, the greed.
Burn it all away.
Spilling desert sands through Life's hourglass,
Washing ocean waves through God's water clock.
Liquid fire the blood in my veins.
Oh the Pain, the Pain.
Burn fire, burn blood,
Burn it all, burn it all away.

Sparkling rainbows in the sky,
Silvery wisps floating by,
Upon Spirit winds, gentle winds, whispering winds.
Tears, those bloody Tears behind that crystal glass,
Formed by liquid fire.
Liquid fire.

Burn in this life, rise again in the next.
Senseless, defenseless here I stand,
Blind with crystal eyes.
Don't need to see with eyes,
Only with my heart, pumping,
Pumping liquid fire.
Burn within, show the feelings locked within.
Crystal glass, oh my lovely crystal glass,
And you my
Liquid fire, oh my sweet, sweet liquid fire.