Bleak Hole Inside
A thorn in my beating heart,
pangs deeper than my own organs and
it has left me mindless and retarded.

Your bellows in my ears are worse
than blusters and I cannot shroud.
These things I can never explain,
to you, my insides are windpipes;
deflating and falling at your feet.
These gusts of despondence from you
deafen me to an absolute no one.

This clamor will not levitate from
my shoulders, it keeps worsening.
I attempt to lay here on my own
and veer myself in a catatonic state.

The bleak hole deep inside of me,
enhances, and you watch, laughing.
Keep laughing, until I pounce
through a cleft to lead me away--
away aspersion from those who I
thought loved me for always.

A/N: I have finally found the words to express what I feel... *sigh* is this what depression is? I don't know. Maybe I am pathetic feeling this way like everyone else does, but I have no reason. Meh.