The wind howled through the trees. An agile shadow darted through the deserted houses. It was a woman, and in her arms. was a baby. Behind her was the loud crack of a gun. Frantically, she ran faster.
She ran until she came to a house. She knocked three times fast, then four times slowly. A tall man came out. He looked exhausted and looked like he hadn't eaten anything in days.
"Please, Jennifer. Don't do this," he pleaded.
"But I must," said the woman, "For the sake of us all. I already know my fate. As soon as I leave from here I shall meet my death. I must go. If I stay here, they'll kill us all."
"If you die, then I shall never forgive myself. We can leave together. You don't have to die."
"But I must!" said the woman, growing impatient. "There must be a sacrificial lamb. And if you won't do it for me, then at least do it for the children. Anyways, where's Matthew? "
"Upstairs. He's sleeping," replied the man. His voice was filled with sadness.
"Good," said the woman. Her eyes filled with tears as she new that she would never see her children again. Then she looked down at her child. "Here. Take good care of Fantasia. Don't you dare blame her for all that's happened, because it is not her fault, ok? I'm sorry I have to leave you like this, Mark. It's not just for the kids. It's for you, too." And with that, she kissed him.
Their very last smooch was interrupted by another gunshot. It was louder this time. The woman started running again.
"Don't forget your promise, Mark!" the woman whispered frantically. " Now get inside, quick!"
The man went in the house and bolted the door as the woman ran. He watched all that happened from the window.
Two men holding guns chased after her. They were all dressed in black and red. One man aimed his gun and fired. It hit the woman in the head.
Mark turned away. He couldn't bear to see her fall.
The wind howled through the trees.