Here is my first attempt at a Fantasy/Romance story. The people who've read what I have so far enjoyed it and said it was good. I hope you enjoy it as well. I want to give a special thanks to Andrea "Insane Person of the Darkness". She has helped me in the reviving process and has given me advice that has been well used.

A young Queen, unsure of her purpose in life and unhappy with how it has developed, desires her freedom and wants to find out who she really is. A hopeless romantic of a Knight, unhappy with the King, has drawn the eyes of the Royal Inquisitors for his disbelief in a God. These two are thrown together in a journey to leave the land of Cuyler. They face death in the face all the way and in the process start to become romantically involved. The King, pursuing his own greedy goals, will stop at nothing to kill the both of them. Will the two of them both survive their ordeal with their blossoming love intact or will they perish at the hands of the agents of the King?