I look at you,
Your face is illuminated,
By the lights from the radio.
I wonder how I got into this mess,
How did you persuade me to go?
What did I do wrong?
How did this get so messed up,
And tell me, how,
How we're gonna fix this.


This is my 3 A.M. prayer,
I'm wishing I could get home.
This life I'm living,
It's too insane,
And I'm finally wondering,
If you were the right choice.
Please help me,
Please help me,
I'm losing control,
I'm going under,
Sacrificing my life,
For yours.

Verse 1:

The darkness,
Is like a veil over my face.
I think you fooled me,
But now I'm fooling you.
I wonder if you are for real,
Or if you're just a nightmare,
That I'm living.


Verse 2:

City lights break the image,
Into something so clear.
The sum of us,
Doesn't add up right,
And now I think I'm jaded.
So tell me now,
Are we gonna work this out?


Verse 3:

We're too far away,
I want home,
I can't get through to you,
You ears won't listen to my words.
Why did I do this?
Why must I have this prayer,
In my mouth,
The words that I say,
Don't make sense.


Verse Four:

Let me out.
I don't know if I was blind,
If I was lost, or scared.
I just know I made the wrong decision.
I don't want to run away,
I need someone else.
Can someone show me the way?
Tell me the way,
So I can go backā€¦