Lost in the soul
A heart is broken
Finding the truth in the lies
Swirling into an empty grave
Soon to be full
Full of your sorrow, grief, and loneliness
You hold the instrument of death
In the palm of your right hand
A tragic irony
That this fragment of steel
Will be your curse, your doom
In the reflection you see eyes
Staring back at you
They are not yours
They are the devils
Satan has found his way
Into your mind
And slowly spread his poison
This doom is irreversible
And once you have finished your demise
You wait at the bottom of your hole
Until the world ends
Stuck in your own coffin-shaped box
Feeling the pang of guilt
And you feel the sorrow
Of those left behind
To rot in the wake you didn't erase
You endure the grief
Which those who mourned your passing
Burned into you as a lasting scar
And you suffer the loneliness
Of never seeing the friendly face
That greets you walking down the street
You stare at the silk above you
With eyes of deepest shame
A shadow lifts and a sigh of relief
A Prince of Darkness
Leaves behind his innocent
Gleefully knowing it's too late