Whimsical Wanderings

Happy endings live in books

and stories

with good men

and damsels in distress.

Do you want me to faint

into your arms

and let you carry me to safety

all in the name of cheerfulness and true love.

Did you want me to forget the drugs that you were smoking


in hailing

while I was writing in the next room.

Did you think that I didn't know?

Happy endings live in fairy tales

and romance novels

filled with gentle men

who put their hands on me with love

not hate.

Who's words aren't so final

and endless.

Let me fall

into your arms

so we can be through,

and carry me across the threshold of this relationship as though I were the virginal bride.

Let me fade

into your eyes

so deep that I'm drowning.

Happy endings live in books

and stories

without men like you.