Into The Abyss

Into the abyss I go,
the abyss of mystery.
Into the abyss I fall,
into the unknown,
into the dark.
This is for both of us,
I think.
This will make things better,
I hope.
There's no turning back,
I know.
I fall, I fall,
I reflect.
The mistake I could
not help but make,
falling for one I could never have.
He, in love with another,
in love with one
who would never prove her love,
so unlike I.
I swore, I swore to him,
this is for you, to show my love.
Frozen, hesitant, afraid that he,
for once, was wrong,
but still, but still,
he turned his back on me,
and chose her.
As I left this morning,
I glanced back once, only once,
and there he was, watching.
He knows where I went,
yet he did not, will not,
stop me.
This is for you,
I whisper to the wind,
for I know he is listening,
listening to me.
For him, anything.
And so,
into the abyss I go.


I'm thinking of entering this in the Teen Writers Dream ( monthly contest, but I could use some constructive criticism on it.