Into The Abyss

Into the abyss I go;
the abyss of mystery.
Into the abyss I fall;
into the unknown,
into the dark.

This is for both of us,
I think.
This will make things better,
I hope.
There's no turning back,
I know.

I fall, I fall;
I reflect.

The mistake I could
not help but make;
falling for one I could never have.
He, in love with another,
in love with one 
who would never prove her love,
so unlike I.

I swore, I swore to him,
this is for you, to show my love.
Frozen, hesitant; afraid that he,
for once, was wrong.
But still,
still he turned his back on me,
and chose her.

As I left this morning,
I glanced back once, only once,
and there he was, watching.
He knew where I was headed,
yet he did not, would not,
stop me.

This is for you,
I whisper to the wind,
for I know he is listening,
listening to me.
For him, anything.
And so,
into the abyss I go.

This is the version I submitted for the contest. Thanks for everyone who gave me tips and constructive criticism, but I do get a little poetic license.. so, I didn't do EVERYTHING I was told to. (Kind of like school, no?)