We've been here quite a while now
And it's come time to go
But before we all take leave
There's something you must know

My mind has fought in hard attempt
To memorize your face
But in the midst of all the struggle
My thoughts came out of place

I've been living in the future
And forgetting of the past
Neglecting what is present
In hopes it all will last

Been storing up the memories
And finding it in vain
'Cause if you're living for tomorrow
What happens to today

Worried 'bout what I'll remember
And what perhaps I won't
And if you're thinking just like me
My word for you is don't

Afraid I wouldn't recollect
What mattered most to me
But now I know I was quite wrong
And now I finally see

Don't think about what happens next
Or what you'll need to know
'Cause the real, true beauty that's in life
Will never be let go

And if you're worried you don't qualify
Trust me, you all do
And when I'm old and dying
I'll be thinking all of you

But for now I'll miss you quite so much
And thought you may forget
I'll think of you, believe me now
'Cause in my mind you're set