Through the Night

If I died
would you even cry?
If I said I loved you
would you crack a smile?

You probably don't care
but a word from you
can make me drown in ecstasy
If only it was true

Or it can make me cry
cry and bleed for you all night
but then I see your face
Hush, you say, that isn't right

But as the razors slit my wrists
I don't care what you'd say
I'm so fucking tired
of you keeping me at bay

Loving me one minute
Hating me the next
Promising me forever
and then seeing your ex

I don't know why
Even though I hate you so much
and you treat me like shit
I can't become numb to your touch

Except when the blood pours down
All my feelings melt away
and I don't even remember
why I was crying today

Maybe if you saw me
Right now when I'm helpless
Maybe you'd stop sating things
like the world is full of bliss

Or maybe you'd cry
at this sight
but I don't care
because it's the only thing that gets me through the night