"It was a nice service," Solange said as the group entered the house following the funeral. Three boys and two adults followed her in into the empty house. It was a long service that drained everyone that attended it. There were no tears of happiness, but pure sorrow at the loss of a life that died so senselessly. "It was nice of Tevin to do that song," Charles said. "I just didn't have the strength to do it. What was that song called anyway?" "Faith of the Heart," Mrs. Sullivan said. "It's the theme song to that Enterprise show. He always loved that show. He sang that song for his grandmother once." She quickly wiped her eyes before continuing. "He'll never get to do it again for her." "Sorry I bought it up Mrs. Sullivan." "It's alright baby." She left the four kids and headed over to her husband, who made himself comfortable in his easy chair. "Nice work," Demario said. "You just had to bring that up!" "I didn't mean to." "Come on," Cleo said as she placed the obituary on the table. "We have to get ready for the guests. They are right behind us." "Black people always want to get fed after going to church," Solange laughed. She was trying to change the mood even if it was for a second. "You got that right," Charles smiled.