"That's why it's important to obey all laws of traffic," Derrick explained to a group of people. Six months had past since Malcolm's death. Derrick didn't get jail time. The Sullivans showed the judge the letter and it was shared with the jury. He was still found guilty for his actions. Only thing was that his sentence was never to drive a vehicle until he was 30 years old. He also had to do over 700, 000 hours of community service and speak at Driver Education and Defensive Driving classes for the next 10 years. Any money he made from the classes went to Malcolm's scholarship fund. "Just because you take this class and get a license doesn't make you a good driver. Driving is a privilege not a requirement. Make sure that when you're driving you're keeping an eye on yourself and others around you. You don't let friends drive drunk or crazy, because the consequences are beyond your imagination. I lost my best friend because I didn't follow the law and I'm paying for it everyday. He may have forgiven me, but I can never forgive myself."