Demario sat in the waiting room of the hospital. It was the second time in three weeks that he was there. He was getting tired of waiting for Dr. Rose to talk to him again. He tried listening to the music from CD player, but having a mix cd featuring R. Kelly was not appropriate for Demario to listen to.

"Dear God, why am I here," he muttered and look around the crowded waiting room. "I should be getting ready for college now." He dug in his backpack and pulled out his Bible. "I have to take my mind off things." Even with the Bible opened, his mind wondered back three weeks ago.

            Demario was cleaning up his dorm room. He had just had his 19th birthday party in his dorm room. He was a Freshman at University of Santa Clara, majoring in Chemistry. His friends gave him a surprise party and everything. There was some drinking and Demario got pressured into drinking beer for the first time. He was a bit tipsy, but had his senses about him. The party lasted a few hours and suddenly everyone had an excuse for leaving the room. They didn't even help him clean up.

"We really have somewhere to go," Jeryl said to him. "You just keep the beer."

"What beer? There is only two left," Demario said.

"That's enough," Jeryl laughed and closed the door.

            Demario decided to take a shower and call it a night. He wanted to get up early and head out to see his grandparents in Santa Barbara. He got undressed and threw a towel around his waist and got his shower caddy to head to the bathroom. He opened the door and a girl was standing there.

"Demario McMichaels?" she asked.

"Yeah and who might you be?"

"A friend of a friend, Mia," Mia said.

"I'm sorry everybody already left."

"I know. I heard it was your boys it's your birthday."

"Yeah. Is there something that you want? I really want to go to bed."

"I figured that you might need some company."


"Did Jeryl and Fredrick give you a birthday gift?"

"No. They claimed I would get it later."

"Well I'm here," Mia said. She pushed Demario back into his room. "I'm their gift to you."

"My what?"

"We need to pop that cherry of yours," Mia said.

"How do you know about that?" Demario had never admitted publicly to his friends that he was a virgin. He was a nerd in high school and girls ignored him.

"You can't be an Alpha and a virgin," Mia said. Demario, Jeryl and Fredrick were pledging Alpha Fi. They were rather strict and really gave Demario a hard time. He wasn't going to quit despite the members giving him a hard time. They teased him about being a virgin despite his denials. "You do this and I'll make sure that you become an Alpha."

"I can do that without your help."

"Oh please," Mia laughed and closed the door. "If you don't get this, you won't be an Alpha and it can get real lonely around here. You don't see Omari around here?" Omari was Demario's roommate at the beginning of the school year. He pledged Alpha Fi and let it be revealed that he was a virgin. After numerous pranks from unknown individuals and being setup for academic fraud, Omari transferred to UNLV.

"Don't bring him up."

"So you want to be an Alpha Man or Omari?" Demario sat on his bed to think. He could become an Alpha or be Omari. Mia decided to take matters into her own hands and stood in front of him. She undid her overcoat and revealed that she wasn't wearing anything.

"Like what you see?" Demario didn't say anything as she knelt in front of him and removed the towel from his waist. "Time to become a man Demario."

            Demario admired his Alpha Fi pin that he got during the ceremony. Mia kept her promise and got him in. He hadn't seen her in weeks after they had spent the night together. Jeryl and Fredrick teased him about it and even got his a few dates with girls. The guys wanted him to attend the after party, but Demario wasn't feeling too well. He just want to go to bed when his phone rang.


"Demario McMichaels?"


"I'm Mia's mother and I have something to tell you…"

            "Demario McMichaels," a nurse said. "Doctor Rose will see you now." Demario got up and headed into the office. Dr. Rose pointed to the chair in front of this desk. Demario sat down.

"What's the verdict?" Demario asked.

"Demario, you're HIV Positive," Dr. Rose said. "I'm sorry." Despite using a condom, Mia gave Demario HIV. The condom that was used was six years old and from his middle school health class. Mia mishandled it and broke it and made Demario put it on. "Good news is that it could be years before you develop AIDS and with strong medicine, you can live a normal life."

Demario wasn't paying attention since he was crying.