My tee-shirt's ripped and my hair's all wet
Mascara's running faster then I am
I'm stuck here under a storm we both know
Too bad its all prettier then I am

Lipstick's smeared and class has disappeared
Twirling around clumsily, make me forget
Jean's all ripped but at least i'm dizzy
Please just wait till the world has stopped spinning

Green eyes hidden behind outgrown bangs
Look through this mess of black eyeliner
Trace the names i've written in the dirt
Stick my hands in i'm in too deep

Too gullible too old-fashioned
Hold my shirt together with safety pins
Been running through too many woods
Swimming in too many oceans

Out of tune, i've forgotten my lines
I'll make it up as I go along
Skipping through life without a script
This is what makes it fun after all

So i'm not like those other well-drawn girls
There's dirt on my face and i'm not afraid to play
I'm sprawled out on the ground ripping up grass
Just waiting for someone to accept me for who I am,