My Strings

In a life so far away
In a time so long ago
I thought I saw something
All I saw was, was a lie

You played me the puppet
You pulled the strings
I went right along
Blind to it all

You tugged me right along
With your false words of love
With your lying lips kissing mine
With your faking tender embrace

But one day you forgot
To pull my strings
I walked of my free will
Right into the truth

I saw the woman
Was she just as blind as I?
A new puppet or maybe an old
I did not know

You pulled my right into your arms
With a flick of your wrist
Told me lie after lie
Until false was truth

It happened again and again
The same scene, but every time
I would walk right to you
Because you pulled my strings

I tried to leave under my own control
But you pulled much harder than before
You punished your puppet
And left me bruised and broken

But you came right back
And held me close
And murmured false words of love
You had pulled again

You soon learned
That punishing your favorite puppet
was more fulfilling,
and much more fun

No matter how you hit and hurt
I came back to your side
Because you pulled my strings
I was helpless to stop from going

One day I was more stubborn than before
You pulled, but I pulled back
You yanked, and I ran
But you came after me

You grabbed me and held me close
You said you loved me and I will never run again
You tugged my strings right in to a noose
And I was left a broken and useless puppet

All because I could not cut my strings
And walk away on my own
To a life where I was master
Of my own strings