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"Can't you turn into a dragon and-?"

Delfina closed her mouth when she saw the man below her start to change. He carefully placed her on his back before he went on his hands and growled in pain.

"Sheesh, I hate having the difficulty of changing," he muttered. "Being half dragon and everything."

Delfina had no time to say anything before the dragon flew into the air, letting out a burst of fire through his mouth. Delfina sucked in a breath of fear, once again noticing the dragon could make fire beneath the water shield which glowed solidly above her head. Was he half merman or was the shield getting weaker?

Chapter Ten

Delfina held on tightly to the dragon as he glided in the air, seeming to slice the air with his powerful wings. Below sounds of war cries and cheering for her were heard clearly, even though the dragon she was on was flying at a fast rate.

"For PSI!" yelled Delfina, her words ringing through everyone's ears, all hearing her words at the same volume even though some were not even in her vision. "Fight for PSI!!!!!!!" she shouted, her words followed by songs and chanting from senators and the Cornumbriae creatures below.

Delfina watched with a sinking heart when Oliver did a little fast spin in the air, his tail cutting through scales of any dragons that were unlucky to be near enough. The strange thing with Oliver was that his eyes were still a chocolate brown colour, not a glowing red. With a growl a particularly large muscular dragon took a swipe at Oliver's shoulder.

Delfina had grown this sixth sense and time would become slower or even stop when Oliver was in trouble. Time had stopped for Delfina as she raised her hands and felt her breathing stop. The sensation of being dipped into freezing water filled her body. Her eyes glowed blue and from her fingertips came out a wave of sea water. The wave of water was shaped like a hand and quickly moved to the dragon attacking Oliver.

'I hope it's not too late,' thought Delfina. The dragon's claws were just an inch away from Oliver's shoulder when the water hand grabbed the dragon and crushed it.

Time was normal again, and Delfina saw that her water hand suddenly was red with blood. Oliver turned at Delfina, eyes large with anger.

'Get off Bradren right now!' commanded Oliver's voice in Delfina's head. Bradren was probably the dragon Delfina was on.

"NO! I will FIGHT!" Delfina shouted at the still, seething Oliver. "How dare you-," Delfina began but then covered her mouth, the feeling that she was going to vomit overwhelmed her senses. She had not noticed that it was already morning, the time when her mysterious sickness took place.

Oliver's eyes widened at Delfina's pinched face and he glided to her, worry showing in his brown eyes. Delfina watched in horror, hands over her mouth to stop the food from her stomach spilling from her mouth as a dragon chased after Oliver, gaining on him. Oliver did not notice and kept flying quickly to his far away lover. Delfina quickly spat out the vomit, wincing at the taste in her mouth.

"OLIVER! BEHIND YOU!" Delfina shouted desperately. Oliver raised an eyebrow, as though doubting Delfina's word but had the confident look in his chocolate brown eyes. Delfina felt relief wash over her body. Oliver had known about the dragon following him without her telling him. Oliver suddenly jerked quickly to his right and stopped so the fast dragon flew who was following him unintentionally flew past Oliver. Quickly Oliver chased after the dragon who had thought to outwit the famous thief of PSI, teeth bared and ripped the dragon apart easily. Delfina fought a sigh of relief and slumped a bit on the Braden's back.

'Are you okay?' asked Oliver's concerned voice. Delfina nodded, and sighed a little. She wished Oliver did not drop everything for her sometimes…

After a while, Delfina lifted her hands after killing a lot dragons with a water sword she had made a shield around Oliver hoping that she was powerful enough to maintain the shield. Suddenly Samuel's face popped into Delfina's mind.

'I love you, the way you love Oliver,' his husky voice said in her mind,drawingsuddentears from Delfina's eyes. Many times had that image come to her mind with Samuel's voice which was sometimes husky, angry or happy.

Delfina now knew what he felt towards her and did not think him as stupid as she originally thought he was. Delfina thought he was EVEN MORE STUPID. If he loved her the way she loved Oliver, Samuel would have put her happiness first before his own and told her about Oliver's love for her AND he would not have killed himself for her. Now she had to live with the guilt of rejecting him before he died…

"Let me down on the ground…" Delfina asked Bradren, so exhausted that she could barely keep her words crashing into each other and quickly wipped her tears off with her dirty sleeve. The dragon did not seem to hear Delfina as it burned dragon's eyes out and lashed out at other dragons with its steel tail, with vicious intent. However, the Bradren slowly fought its way downwards onto the ground though he now and again went off course to chase and kill a dragon he did not practically like.

Eyes dropping, Delfina felt some scratches inflicted onto her even though no one was actually attacking her directly. Whenever Oliver inflicted a physical injury, the water shield made sure she would get the injury- not Oliver. Delfina knew that Oliver would have never allowed her to place her water shield on him so she made sure he did not know about it. He could not see the watery shield which protected him from harm when everyone else could.

What Delfina did not know was that Oliver had done the same sort shield on her, except much more powerful because it was a fire shield and that he knew exactly what she had done, because he could read her thoughts- a bonus for him.

With a large growl Oliver sliced through a dragon's neck watching as blood splattered and oozed out of the falling body and flew down not wanting to fight with Delfina's protection shield on him. When landing on the ground, he changed back to his human self and ran after Delfina quickly. Oliver was dressed in rags, his clothes so badly worn out that it was impossible to not feel sorry for him.

"Delfina!" Oliver called, watching Delfina stumble over some rocks. She turned around and both embraced each other, Delfina covering Oliver's faces with small kisses and tears ran down her eyes.

"Oliver," she whispered tracing his lips with a finger. Oliver gave Delfina a teasing smile and spun her around in a little circle.

"We must rest," he said softly. The dragons above started to lower themselves, some falling to their death with numerous spells on them and others landed and began to run around like puppy dogs, squashing little ants.

"How can I sleep?" Delfina asked, her pale face becoming more evident as she felt more and more dizzy. "I'd be not helping and I might be killed anyway by one of those maniac dragons…"

"That's the risk you have to take in war… And this war I have a feeling is only the beginning." Oliver replied grimly. "Anyhow, Bradren will watch over us."


"We're sleeping together," Oliver said with a small smirk as he watched his lover grow red. "Unless you don't want to-,"

"I do want to sleep with you! I mean-," Delfina spluttered, blushing furiously. Oliver's smirk almost made Delfina want to bonk his head with a pillow as it grew wider. Oliver reached down a tweaked Delfina's nose with a childish grin.

"Hah! You admitted it. Isn't that a bit- straightforward for a lady to say?" he asked, cocking his head to one side. Delfina did not answer for she was pulled into a rough hard kiss. Twirling her fingers in Oliver's hair, Delfina smiled to herself but her smile disappeared quickly when a voice whispered in her mind 'It's just the beginning honey…'


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