The Girl in the Door

(Short Story)

Depressing, that's the word for it, depressing. For the second time this year my father needs to move the whole family to a new neighborhood because of work reasons. It has always been like this since I can remember and I had become accustom to making new friends and having welcome-to-the-neighborhood parties. Because of the fact that I don't usually have good friends for more than six months, I had stopped making friends all together. The last friend I ever had was a girl by the name of Cristina Hersh, my first and...last best friend. I suddenly felt someone tapping me painfully. I lifted my sunglasses off my face and removed my blaring headphones from my ears. What I saw was my older sister with an annoyed expression on her face.

"Would you please turn that crap down, gawd I don't know why you listen to that stupid rock music, it's so, loud and...obnoxious," My sister Justine said rolling her eyes and looking out of the window again.

"Well, I don't complain about your damn pop music," I retorted toward my sister, putting my headphones back on and pushing my sunglasses back down over my eyes.

"Hey young lady, watch you mouth!" said my father, in a I'm-trying-to-be-a-good-parent kind of way. I rolled my eyes from behind my sunglasses and sighed. I was just tired of this family. My dad is trying way to hard, his wife, my step mom doesn't try hard enough and my sister is Barbie, what more can I say.

"Dad, what type of neighborhood are we moving into this time, because from the looks of this area, it doesn't look like the guys here are any cuter than the one back in dulltown?" Justine said with her usual air head tone. I rolled my eyes, every time, it never fails, Justine always asking about boys that live in the new neighborhood we're moving too, I think it's her way of making conversation.

"Dad doesn't know about the guys here Justine, so stop asking him every time we move," I said heavily. She hit me on my arm and I hit here back. We went back and forth.

"Hey girls quit it!" yelled my dad. I stopped but Justine just had to have the last hit. I let her have it too, I didn't feel like arguing with princess blonde today anyway.

"Oh let them fight Darron, let them destroy each other, that's what is going to happen anyway," said my step mom Clara. My dad looked at her and smiled.

"That's what I'm trying to prevent darling," he said sweetly to her. I shook my head in disgust, so did Justine, Clare is the one person Justine and I can both agree to hate. Clare was a witch, an evil bitch from hell.

"Well girls we're here!" My dad said with excitement.

"Oh, great, a place we can haul all of our stuff into and in a couple of months haul it all back out, it's so wonderful Dad!" I said with very obvious sarcasm.

"Alice, get your things out of the trunk and stop with the sarcasm," Said my father. I did just what he told me. I always wanted to be on the good side of my dad, just incase that witch decided to take over. As I began to take out my things from my trunk I observed the new house. It was huge, but looked old, like it was from the late 1800s, but it looked nice nevertheless. I grabbed my suitcase and began to walk toward the porch when a cute guy who looked around my age walked up to me.

"Hi, need any help with that?" Said the boy. The suitcase sure was heavy and it would make it easier to take up the stairs if I wasn't the one taking it up the stairs, but I had to refuse his offer.

"No, I'm fine thank you anyway," I said turning from him and making my way to the porch again. I then felt a hand on my shoulder.

"I insist," he said as he grabbed my luggage. I laughed lowly.

"Um, thanks," I said. I saw Justine come out onto the porch and her face lit up.

"Oh, may I, captain of the cheerleading squad at every school I have ever been to, help you?" Said Justine staring at the boy. There's Justine for you, she sees a guy and is just all over him. The boy looked a bit frightened. I snickered lowly.

"Hi, um, I'm Chris, the most normal guy you will meet in town," he said laughing. Justine just practically melted at the sound of his voice. When she saw my luggage in his hand she hurried to him and pulled the luggage from him.

"HE, doesn't need you to carry HIS luggage,, ALEX?" said Justine handing my luggage to me. I couldn't believe she would stoop that low for a guy, well actually I could believe it, but why did she have to make him think I was a boy. Chris eyed my from head to toe. I rolled my eyes.

"Um, Chris, right, well you see, my sister here is madly in love with you and she is now jealous that your holding my luggage, so that is why she made up such a ridiculous lie to get you to hold hers," I said to him as straight forward as I could. He laughed.

"Justine, I'm sorry to inform you but I'm not into girls, I'm gay," he said laughing. Justine got wide eyed and then stormed off into the house mumbling something about all the cute ones have to be gay. Chris grabbed my luggage and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"So are you gay for real?" I asked him as we enter the house. He laughed.

"No, I just said that to get your sister away," he whispered into my ear. I laughed.

"What is so...ahh we have a visitor," said my father coming up to give Chris a hand shake.

"I was just giving you daughter a hand with her luggage," Chris said nervously. Justine then emerged from what looked to be her new bedroom.

"Dad don't worry about him, he's not into girls, if you know what I mean," said Justine walking back outside to the car. Both of Dad's eyebrows rose. Chris lowered his head, I could see a smirk starting on the corners of his mouth.

"Well, we're not prejudice against anyone here son," said Dad grabbing my luggage from him, "And thank you for helping my daughter with her luggage, Alice why don't you show your friend here your new bedroom,"

"Yeah, I've always wanted to see how this house was like from the inside," said Chris joyfully looking all around the ceiling. I smiled and lowered my head.

"But, Dad I don't know where my new bedroom is," I said to Dad.

"Oh, you can take the attic, I heard it's very roomy up there," said Clare with her stuck up tone emerging from upstairs with a bathrobe on.

"What makes you think I want to sleep in the attic?" I said to staring into her cold black eyes. She leaned back laughing.

"Honey, trust me, you would rather stay in the attic, your those always depressed types," Clare continued walking slowly down the wooden stairs causing to creak. As she walked down the stairs I looked past her to a door that stood ajar. Suddenly everything went silent except the creaking of the wooden stairs, not even Clare's insults couldn't be heard. I looked around and everyone looked as if they were pantomiming. I tried to move but I couldn't. My eyes became fixed on the door. For some reason I longed to enter the door, to reveal the mystery of what awaited beyond it. I began to walk slowly toward it. Each step made ear spitting creaking sounds, but I did not flinch, I was determined to reach the door. Once I reached the hallway I began to smell something, something like rotting flesh, but I continued on. The door was in front of me, ready to be opened. I stared through the area that was already open. I saw nothing but blackness, but why was it black when all the rooms had windows and it was broad daylight. The door was brown and looked as if it hadn't been painted over in years. I touched the door softly, grazing my fingers across the chipping paint.

"Well, I guess she wants that room," I heard Justine say sounding as if she was very far away. Suddenly everything around me got blurry. I fell back on the hardwood floor heavily. A small arm reached out of the darkness and grabbed the edge of the door. Everything was blurry except the arm and door. Then high pitched screams followed by strange whispers exploded into my head. It was the worst pain I had ever been in. I tried to scream out but nothing came out. I then noticed that my heart had failed so had my breathing, was I dying? I looked over to the door and a small white girl stood in the doorway. The girl wore a cute white dress stained with blood. I couldn't look at her long enough to observe her face. I squeezed my eyes shut to try and endure the pain. Out of all of the screams and whisper I heard one line.

"Come, come with me," That's all I heard, the voice sounded just like my friend Christina, but then everything went silent. I opened my eyes but I could not see. I felt my eye lids to find out if I couldn't lift them. I lifted them. I felt my finger go across my eye, but I could not see it, I had gone blind. I screamed out but I heard nothing, all I could do is feel. I felt several hands shaking me. I was blind...and deaf.